Denim Style

Denim Style
Denim Style
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Sometimes it's hard to believe, but the simplest styles are the most appropriate. A cool denim look is ideal on hot summer days.

To achieve this style, you do not have to choose all the garments in this jean fabric, you can only choose one and combine it with other options and adapt it to your personality.

Specifically, in this outfit we have selected a print and oriental-cut jacket that gives elegance perfectly combined with the simplicity of a basic short skirt.

On the feet there is nothing better than flat sandals, the true protagonists of these summer days, which can be accompanied by a bone-colored maxi bag, in which to carry all the things you will need throughout the day.

And if you are one of those who cannot go outside without a piece of jewelry, how about earrings like these geometric ones that we show you?

Try a bit of pink blush on your cheeks in your makeup to give the feeling of a healthy face and choose a lipstick in shades also pink, which creates harmony.

1. Jacket, $ 100 from Zara

2. Skirt, $ 30 from H&M, only available in stores

3. Banana Republic Sandals $ 89

4. Earrings, $ 40 from JCPenney

5. Bag, $ 125 Gap

6. Blush, $ 30 Shimmer Tamarind by Lancôme

7. Lipstick, $ 23 Watermelon by Elizabeth Arden

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