Fashion Vacation Tulum

Fashion Vacation Tulum
Fashion Vacation Tulum

Video: Fashion Vacation Tulum

Video: Fashion Vacation Tulum
Video: СМОТРЕТЬ НА ОТПУСК: Одежда, которую я носила в Тулуме 2023, December

If you are one of the lucky ones who are going to escape to heavenly destinations, such as the beaches of Tulum in Mexico, you should know what to bring in your suitcase. At Siempre Mujer we want to propose you a comfortable and elegant style for your days in the sun.

Nothing better for it than a fresh white dress with a bohemian air, combined with flat sandals tied at the ankle and with metallic glitters. You will feel comfortable but without losing style.

A hat, glasses and a large straw bag are almost obligatory for a destination like this. With the first two we will protect ourselves from the sun and get a responsible tan, while in our maxi bag we can carry everything we need on our long days at the beach.

Add a cheerful and colorful touch to this area of Mexico, choosing a fuchsia bikini and a large necklace that stands out on your neck.

Finally, some illuminating powders will accentuate your tan once you are no longer exposed to the sun.

1. Mango dress, $ 60

2. Sandals, $ 60 LOFT

3. Bag, $ 19 Old Navy

4. Hat, $ 15 from Target

5. Bikini, $ 42 from Top Shop

6. Hugo Boss Boss Sunglasses, $ 110

7. Accessorize Necklace, $ 37

8. Illuminating Powder, $ 40 by Estée Lauder

Photo: iStockphoto