Chic Summer Day

Chic Summer Day
Chic Summer Day
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On summer days we like to spend them outside, enjoying the good weather. So, surely you will have more than one event or outdoor party to attend and for this you need to choose an appropriate outfit.

On this occasion we want to focus on the importance of mixing color, blue and orange are complementary colors within the color spectrum and their combination will always be successful. In addition, these shades give off a lot of light and youth, so that on summer days they provide that fun touch that styles demand.

Choose a light blue dress that has a loose fall, but it is fitted to the waist so that it does not feel too flat and boring. Combine it with open high platforms with orange tones, a color that must also be present in the bag. To maintain this harmony, choose a blue mix necklace.

As for your makeup, if the party is outdoors, your face has to have a natural look that you can achieve just by applying a CC cream. On your nails, nothing better than the same shade of orange that has been repeated throughout the look.

1. Mango dress, $ 40

2. Bag, $ 40 from Zara

3. Sandals, $ 82 from ASOS

4. Necklace, $ 100 from J.Crew

5. Enamel, $ 17 Lara's Theme by Deborah Lippmann

6. CC Cream, $ 35 from Clinique

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