Elegant Mid-season

Elegant Mid-season
Elegant Mid-season
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The halftime days - in which autumn is closer - allow us to dress with greater strength and elegance, since we leave behind the bright and uncomplicated colors of summer and replace them with more restrained and discreet autumn tones.

We can anticipate that the leather will be very present in the fall of 2013, and it should not be missing among our basics of the season, either in genuine or imitation leather. As with the garnet, mustard or dark green colors, which will become the other protagonists.

Therefore, to build this style, we wanted to mix the synthetic leather of the pants, with the blouse and moccasins in burgundy tones, but adding a mustard touch to the bag that makes it stand out from the rest of the look. And as a complement, a scarf that will be very useful in these days of changing temperatures.

Finally, in order not to break the harmony that we have created, we chose a garnet enamel and a black mascara that adds strength to the look.

1. Blouse, $ 118 from French Connection

2. Pant, $ 18 from H&M, only available in stores

3. Bag, $ 100 from Zara

4. Loafers, $ 50 LOFT

5. Handkerchief, $ 40 Mango

6. Mascara, $ 3 from elf

7. Enamel, $ 18 Enamored by Marc Jacobs Beauty

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