Men's Fashion Inspiration

Men's Fashion Inspiration
Men's Fashion Inspiration
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Why not try to dress like them? Purely masculine styles can now also be adapted to women.

Unisex or men's scent garments are increasingly present in women's trends. There are even brands like Marimacho, which has presented its collection for both sexes in NY fashion week, where there is no barrier between the feminine and masculine lines.

With straight pants with darts, a blazer that fits at the waist, and flat shoes with laces, you will achieve this masculine and very comfortable look.

Choose accessories such as this wide chain with golden links, which could also be worn by a man and finally, a lipstick in red that marks the feminine sensuality within the masculine silhouette.

Do not think that these styles are only to wear on red carpets or by models on the catwalks, you can also wear it in your day to day.

1. Blazer, $ 80 Mango

2. Pants, $ 70 from Zara

3. T-shirt, $ 32 from Top Shop

4. Shoes, $ 203 from Asos

5. Forever21 bracelet, $ 9

6. Bag, $ 250 from Banana Republic

7. Lipstick, $ 8 Avon Red 200

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