Day Of The Dead Fashion Style

Day Of The Dead Fashion Style
Day Of The Dead Fashion Style
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We encourage you to inspire your Halloween look on Day of the Dead! To do this you just have to recreate the funeral but at the same time sophisticated style that the Mexican Catrina projects.

The predominant color should be black, since the main idea of ​​this day is to celebrate death, and accompany it with golden tones so that it brings prestige and distinction.

Choose a black dress with a Victorian cut from the 20's and add elegant high-heeled sandalas. It is important that in addition to the golden tone that we see in the bag, you also add strokes of color, characteristic also of this day. A few flowers as a hair accessory and long earrings will suffice.

Regarding makeup, continue along the line of the golden tones and accentuate your eyes with an eyeliner. If you are more daring, you can always try one of the Catrina makeup examples that we showed you previously in Siempre Mujer.

1. Dress, $ 100 from Top Shop

2. Sandals, $ 90 from Zara

3. Flower Tiara, $ 20 from Urban Outfitters

4. Earrings, $ 33 from Accessorize

5. Bag, $ 25 from H&M

6. Eyeliner, $ 7 from Avon

7. Shadow, $ 32 Bobbi Brown Sunlight

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