Summer Dress Tips Erin Walsh

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Summer Dress Tips Erin Walsh
Summer Dress Tips Erin Walsh
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Before summer comes to an end, Hollywood celebrity hairstylist Erin Walsh exclusively shares a few tips for how to look sophisticated in summer:

Sleeveless clothing as an essential summer garment:

There are no rules on whether or not to wear sleeveless garments. Style cannot be imposed on anyone. What matters is how someone uses an item. Each fabric has a different drop and each silhouette adapts differently to it. When choosing a sleeveless outfit, it's important that you project confidence in your height and posture.

Tip: Sleeveless clothing can scare women and make them feel exposed. But fortunately there are beauty products that can help you have smoother and smoother armpits so that all women can feel safe when wearing sleeveless clothing.

The favorite looks of the season:

• “I love the trapeze cut for t-shirts and dresses in the summer. It suits all of them and even improves when combined with a heel of at least 2.5 cm”.

• “Fishing pants are fun for the summer. The cut should show the smallest part of your ankle."

• “Denim on denim is another look that I love for this season. Nor do they need to be the same.”

• “White looks good on everyone. Every woman should have a nice white blouse."

• The square sleeveless shirts to the hips seem fantastic to me. They bring a retro '60s flair and are great to wear over the beach swimsuit.”

Summer fabrics:

“It is much better to wear loose clothing in the summer. Also, fabrics like silk, cotton and linen are the key to this season. It is also important to think about underwear. Nobody wants to be wearing a lot of layers when it's very hot."

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