13 'tips' To Get The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe

13 'tips' To Get The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe
13 'tips' To Get The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe

Video: 13 'tips' To Get The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe

Video: 13 'tips' To Get The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe
Video: 10 tips on how to care for your wardrobe | Fix your wardrobe series 2023, April

Having an updated wardrobe is of utmost importance to keep up with the fashion and lifestyle that you have. Occasionally you have to pick up the wardrobe to move what you no longer use and give space to new things. Follow these tips to organize it.

• If you haven't worn something in 6 months, it's time to remove it from your closet. This is a golden rule. Many things go out of style in less than 6 months and also, the body changes. If an item of clothing has been on the hook for a long time, it means that it is no longer your preference or taste when dressing and that it most likely does not fit you well when putting it on.

• Seeks to organize by color or clothing; that is, the suits with the suits and the pants with the pants. And from white to black or in order of preference.

• Seek that each piece of clothing you have in the wardrobe is in good condition, without stains, without holes, without wear and eliminates everything that does not look good.

• Make sure it looks good on you, not because it's yours means that dress still fits you. Remember that your body changes and suddenly something that looked spectacular could make you look like a sausage.

• Buy basic and neutral pieces to serve you for much longer.

• Buy pieces of fashion trends as a complement to the basic pieces, so you can discard them and keep the neutral pieces.

• Invest more money in the neutral pieces because you are going to use them for a longer time and buy accessories or trendy clothing in inexpensive stores; Overall, a trend does not last more than one season.

• Dare to reinvent your wardrobe and don't cling to pieces of the past.

• Save some parts you no longer use in plastic boxes and take them out in a few years. If they still serve you, they will be what we consider vintage, and you will be at the cutting edge of fashion again. Remember that fashion is somewhat cyclical and repeats itself over time.

• If you clean the closet, you will have room for new things; a good excuse to go shopping and look for new trends that complement you.

• Look at designer magazines and look in your closet for pieces you can modify to achieve the look of the moment, sometimes only a few small changes to an old garment achieve the same look without having to invest so much money.

• Whites, blacks, creams and grays are neutral colors that you should always have between your clothes. On these basic colors, then accentuate with the color of each season; for example, the orange ones in autumn, the red ones in Christmas, the bright colors in summer and the pastel colors in spring.

• Always keep a basic pair of shoes and another one to go out. Footwear and wallets do not necessarily have to be the same color; But it helps a simple trousseau like jeans and a black shirt look fashionable with a modern touch. Wallets and shoes should be used as an essential accessory to highlight what you are wearing and not otherwise.

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