Underarm Hair Trend In Advertising Campaign

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Underarm Hair Trend In Advertising Campaign
Underarm Hair Trend In Advertising Campaign
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The 2015 swimsuit campaign of the French brand Filles a papa is giving something to talk about on social networks. In this proposal, the armpit hairs are essential.

The brand loved by celebrities such as Beyoncé and Cara Delevingne tries to normalize the presence of hair in this area of ​​the body and has placed the model Arvida Byström as its protagonist.

Although for many this 24-year-old girl is unknown, the truth is that she is an icon of feminist trends in current fashion. And despite the fact that thousands of eyes are hanging on her on Instagram, a network with more than 58,000 followers, she had no shame to show off her hairy armpits in a swimsuit.

Celebrities sign up

A few days ago and as is customary, the singer Miley Cyrus returned to create controversy. The 22-year-old actress also published several photos where she revealed her exposed but patched nipples, as part of the #FreTheNipple (# LiberaAlPezón) campaign, which seeks to decriminalize the exhibition of breasts to the public. However, this image generated a stir due to the presence of hairs on her armpits. Is Miley in fashion? or is it carelessness?

For her part, just over a year ago Madonna also proudly showed off her armpits. The singer uploaded a photo to Instagram with the phrase: "Long Hair … Don´t Care" (Long hair, does not matter). The singer's objective was to vindicate the right of women not to wax because she supported the #Sobaquember movement, which seeks to break the prejudice that undepiled underarms are unsightly.

Meanwhile, in 1999 Julia Roberts, a pioneer in this style, arrived at the premiere of the film Nothing Hill with her hairy armpits.

Recently, the previous year, many bloggers in the United States decided to dye colors, imposing a new global trend.

The debate is open on social networks. While some point to female empowerment, others prefer girls who prefer to remove hair.

It is not surprising that in the coming months other brands will lean towards this type of ideas.

How do you like them, with or without hair?

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