Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sunglasses

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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sunglasses
Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sunglasses

Video: Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sunglasses

Video: Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sunglasses
Video: How to Pick the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Type 2023, April

Do you know how to correctly choose sunglasses?

Sunglasses make us look fashionable, but the most important contribution that these glasses provide us is the protection for our eyes. If you are thinking of changing this accessory, you have to make sure that it meets certain requirements, including: quality and how they fit you.

In addition, other of the vital considerations and it is not superfluous to say is buying them in professional and authorized establishments. Even though some models are very fashionable, sometimes those lenses are not the ones that favor us the most. Choose the ones that best fit you and not because they are the ones that all the girls wear.

For this spring-summer trend sunglasses are smaller, with round frames, bright colors and combined with acetate and metal.

Follow other advice given by Antonio López, owner of Óptica Toscana.

1. Find the best: Don't focus only on the characteristics of your face. Try them all on! The glasses that are made for your face are not always the ones you need. If you do, you will only limit your choice options.

"Sometimes people with large faces are better suited to small glasses and people with round faces, round glasses," says the businessman.

2. Make a change: Try to make this new accessory different from the previous one in color, shape … so you can alternate according to your outfit!

3. Determine your type of nose: To find out if we have better paste or metal lenses.

4. Center them: The perfect ones are those that when placed, your eyes are centered on the lens.

5. They must accompany the line of the eyes

6. They never have to lean on the cheekbones

7. Beware of the eyebrows: These have to be observed, otherwise you will lose expression.

8. Comfort: If, when trying on your glasses, they don't feel good, chances are you won't get it. It is the same when we go out and try on many clothes and in the end we choose the same ones as always.

9. Colors according to your skin: Take into account the color of your skin and not the color of your clothes to choose those new sunglasses.

10. When buying them: You will have to be sure that you will not change your haircut in the next few days. When you try them on, do it with your hair down, but also tied back, so you can see yourself in both ways.

But also Lauta Malpeli, owner of Styletto Image Studio gives us other recommendations.

11. They must not fall or exert pressure

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12. Tight: The sideburns do not have to be nailed to the head.

13. Nose: If it is wide, the best are those without frames. If it is long, low bridge ones are recommended, but if the nose is small and short, the best option is the metal frame with high bridges.

14. Eyes: If the eyes are very close together, you have to buy smaller glasses, because they will not accentuate this characteristic, and it will make the eyes look focused on the lens. If they are rather far apart, large glasses are best.

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