Tips To Renew Your Closet

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Tips To Renew Your Closet
Tips To Renew Your Closet
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Out of habit and because we know that fashion will return, we have the hobby of accumulating accessories, shoes, jeans, dresses, wallets … thousands of things in our wardrobe. However, the time comes when there is no room for a needle and we need to renew our closet NOW

Yes, I know that it is difficult for us to get rid of old fashioned jeans or dresses, but it is necessary to order. Precisely rule # 1 to start this task is to get rid of those clothes that you have been wearing for more than a year. In this way you will have a more organized wardrobe with clothes that you really wear and free up space for items that you no longer wear.

Don't you know what to do with those clothes you took out? Easy and simple. You will put them in a box and take them to a donation center. There they will find more utility than what they had in your closet!

Follow these 6 tips to ensure that your closet is renewed.

1. Priority in shoes: If you are one of the girls who uses more heels than low shoes, put the first ones in sight. The rest will go to the bottom of your shoe rack. Don't complicate yourself looking for your favorites when you go out! Shoes that you no longer wear, are worn or have holes in them, take them to the cobbler or throw them away. It depends on the state of each one.

2. Indispensable clothes: We already advise you that the clothes you don't wear will be better than the ones you give them. Of course, what for no reason can be missing in your wardrobe are: jeans, black pants, blouses, cocktail and formal dresses, basic shirts, leggings, tights, stockings, fashionable accessories … While, those that should never be there they are: worn pants, leggings with holes, worn shirts or blouses, among others.

3. Reuse: There are sites on the internet that tell you how to renew those clothes that you no longer wear. For example: how to make a recycled petticoat from jeans, how to transform our blouses, among others.

4. Sell on Facebook: One of the best strategies to renovate our closet without losing all the money invested is placing what we no longer use at auction. Many girls now use social networks to get a “little money”. An excellent idea is to use the previous tip; that is, renew what you do not use and put it up for sale. Fixed they will find a new owner!

5. Know your body: It is silly, but it happens to us! We buy an important quantity of our clothes because although it does not fit us it is super beautiful. But, that at the end of the day is to invest money badly. Know your bust, waist, hip measurements … When shopping online, it is very useful to know these small but important details.

6. Always have basic clothing on hand: Do not dispose of this type of clothing because they are very necessary. For example: you can combine black pants with blouses and blazers of all colors. Avoid running or worrying because the next day you have a meeting in the office and you don't have to wear anything.

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