How To Dress According To The Bra Cup Size

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How To Dress According To The Bra Cup Size
How To Dress According To The Bra Cup Size

Video: How To Dress According To The Bra Cup Size

Video: How To Dress According To The Bra Cup Size
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Have you ever wondered if the bra cup you wear is the right one? Before you know what is the ideal way to dress according to the size of your breasts, you have to learn to choose the correct bra according to your body.

Research carried out by Cosmopolitan Spain affirms that 9 out of 10 women do not know what the size of their bra is. Reason enough to suffer from pain in the breasts, back, head, hardness or marks on the skin that have their origin in the use of an inappropriate bra, explains Francesc Puertas, author of the book The bra, myths and legends … and user manual.

To calculate the size, take into account two parameters:

Contour: Measure the trunk below the bra line and add 15 centimeters.

Cup: It measures the contour of the trunk, but by the most voluminous part; that is, at the level of the nipple. To this number you will subtract the contour number and apply the following rule:

Cup A: the difference between the two contours is 12 to 14 cm.

Cup B: the difference is 14 to 16 cm.

Cup C: from 16 to 18 cm.

Cup D: from 18 to 20 cm.

Cup E: 22.5 cm.

We collect the advice given by the webdelamoda and Badabun portals to give you the guidelines you must follow when choosing the clothes in your wardrobe.

1. Cup A: Although your breasts are small, you must wear a bra. Look for those with not too much padding.

Wear with your outfits vivid necklaces, geometric prints, eye-catching collars that fall so that they give more volume in the front area and blouses with a sweetheart neckline.

2. Cup B: Although they are still “bubis” a little small, they have a solution. The pleated blouses will make your breasts look more pronounced and incidentally will make you look slimmer.

An accessory that you should not leave in your closet are scarves. In addition to vests or blouses with relief.

3. Cup C: It is a more pronounced bust. If you have them, you are very privileged; but you have to know what clothes to wear so as not to give an impression of vulgarity.

The button down blouses will give you figure and incidentally your breasts will adapt to the measure. Of course, note that the buttons do not open when you put it on.

The dresses will fit you very well. And if your glutes are not voluptuous, it should be tight to the waist and loose afterwards. Highlight your curves with those that cover the entire chest area and leave your arms uncovered.

Keep in mind that the V-necklines reveal only a little. It's okay!

4. Cup D: You will have to be a little more demanding when it comes to choosing your clothing.

Your best allies are oval necks, as they cover your breasts and neck. Blouses with hip length will prevent you from unbalancing your body.

As for jeans or dress pants, the ones that suit you are the straight ones. If you wear very tight ones, your figure will be disproportionate.

5. E-Cup: Sometimes it is uncomfortable for you to “hide” them, but don't worry.

The skirts in line A or bell will fit you perfectly, because they make a balance between the bottom and the top.

Plain and straight blouses accompanied by cool patterned pants are a great choice.

Also choose dark colors for the upper area and light for the lower one. Thus, the looks will not be fixed on your bust and that will make you hide its size. Don't buy coats with very thick details or textures.