Fall Outfits Inspired By New York Fashion Week

Fall Outfits Inspired By New York Fashion Week
Fall Outfits Inspired By New York Fashion Week
Video: Fall Outfits Inspired By New York Fashion Week
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In an exclusive interview for Siempre Mujer, the authentic fashionista, editor of TheLVGuide.com and spokesperson for Target Lilliana Vázquez introduced us to the new fashion trends for this season. In addition, she shared with us her tips and tricks to create looks inspired by Fashion Week that will allow you to look like a whole urban style fashionista.

Always Woman: In a word, how would you describe the trend for this season?

Lilliana Vázquez: Velvet.

SM: What is the garment that we should not miss?

LV: Velvet over-the-knee boots are a must for this season.

SM: What colors will predominate for fall? Plain or prints?

LV: The color that will predominate this season is the earth color. I am a fan of neutral colors and combining them in layers, as it creates a very fused look, but it is important to divide them with a print to add a unique touch.

SM: Are we still wearing skirts this fall?

LV: Sure! By combining an elegant printed skirt with a draped neckline blouse and a coat, in addition to a simple double-breasted saddlebag, you can create a fresh silhouette at the forefront of fashion and that is also inspired by the garments we saw in the Week of New York Fashion.

SM: To wear an elegant look inspired by Fashion Week, what clothes do you recommend?

LV: If you want your look to stand out but not too much, keep the main parts of your look simple and elegant and have a little fun with the accessories. A patterned scarf is a great alternative to the flashy necklace that was in vogue last year.

SM: To look professional, what clothes should we wear?

LV: If you want your look to reflect a certain degree of professionalism, combine a dark colored crop top with high waisted shorts for the perfect balance, and to complete, a patterned scarf and a faux leather backpack.

SM: What is your favorite casual outfit of the season?

LV: I am a big fan of sports shoes and there is a fashion tip that I always follow: combine a dress look with tennis instead of heels. It gives your look a downtown, cool-girl vibe and it's fully functional!

SM: What are the basic garments par excellence of this season that we should not miss?

LV: High neck shirts, aviator jackets, and last but not least, denim from shirts and skirts to jeans.

SM: What type of footwear should we use to create an outstanding look?

LV: A metallic block heel adds a touch of glamor without going overboard.

SM: How to renew our outfit, get out of the comfort zone, without feeling that we are exceeding ourselves?

LV: Although they seem too daring for everyday use, over-the-knee boots are a must-have item for fall. Combine them with a midi skirt or dress, a bomber jacket and a portfolio to get a chic urban style look and make you feel more comfortable.

SM: Does this season have to completely renew the wardrobe or can we use clothes from summer and last fall?

LV: Flower prints with a dark background and denim are always in fashion. If you have this type of pieces, you can use them in any season.

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