9 Fashion Trends That Even If You Don't Want To Wear This (PHOTOS)

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9 Fashion Trends That Even If You Don't Want To Wear This (PHOTOS)
9 Fashion Trends That Even If You Don't Want To Wear This (PHOTOS)
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Fashion comes and goes. It is a fact that the bell bottoms are back, but they are not in your closet yet and it is understandable because you are used to the tubes or those fitted to your legs

Every year you start a new 12-month cycle with enthusiasm to do things better. You set as goals to exercise, eat healthier, plan a trip alone … However, when it comes to fashion, you are not always so sure if all the clothes that are in are for you, not only for their design but also for its textures.

During this 2017, there are trends that you will love and others that will not convince you as much, but that you can combine with your outfits and they will look divine, even if you do not believe it. Most of them are inspired by the 80s where figures, designs and colors are the main protagonists. It is not that you get frustrated for not following it but that you learn to make combinations that favor you. Look at them and fall in love immediately!

1. Bold earrings: Or better known as the big earrings. They are accessories that symbolize idealism and communicate strength and character, so don't underestimate them. Get out of that box you have on your dresser those huge earrings you used in 2010, 2011 or even 2013. Look with personality rings, triangles and multi-colored stones. They look great!

2. Shoulder pads: Maybe because of your youth you have no idea what they are. You have to know that they are small pads that are placed inside blouses, jackets or blazers to enhance the shoulders. I must accept that they are not to my liking, but if I find a piece in the store that I fall in love with, I would have no problem buying it even if I brought shoulder pads.

3. Blazers: They are my favorites! Although in the beginning they were used as a formal jacket, during the 80's they gave a total turn for lighter and more informal outfits. What's more, they will be beautiful if you combine them with tennis shoes.

4. Bustiers: They fulfill the task of stylizing your figure. Also, you can use them as a multipurpose accessory. It works perfect underneath dresses, see-through blouses or, if the day is hot, you can wear it alone.

5. Lingerie: It is one of my favorite pieces! Its lace and embroidery are effective in wasting sensuality, sweetness and feminine beauty.

6. Stripes: An eighties look is defined by shades and shapes. The lines give your figure that delicate and slender touch that some women want, but hesitate to wear. Give them a try.

7. Striking shades: The phosphorescents are a must in this 2017. Integrating them freely into your outfits will make you look current, with a lot of energy and life. Besides that they are excellent to combine with denim, wallets and sneakers.

8. Brights: Glitter garments are all those that you can combine with period items such as sneakers, earrings, blazers or watches that make you distinguish that look from the 80s.

9. Statement sleeves: For you it may be that the bell bottoms are an excess, in a matter of blouses or dresses they are very oriented to rescue femininity.

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