5 Tricks To Look Slimmer With Your Outfits (PHOTOS)

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5 Tricks To Look Slimmer With Your Outfits (PHOTOS)
5 Tricks To Look Slimmer With Your Outfits (PHOTOS)

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“The true style cannot be bought with money. Style is a subtle thing that shows in the little details. It is not the clothes you wear, it is the way you act, move and speak, "Carolina Herrera once said. To look elegant, sophisticated and slimmer than you are, you do not need to have a closet full of clothes from the latest fashion trend, simply know how to make the right combinations to look radiant and even thinner, according to the psychology of colors and design.

One of the most traditional tips to give that effect to your body is to take care of underwear. Wearing the wrong size bra creates cut lines that sink into the skin and make the bust stick out at the top; that is to say, they will be noticed through pants, petticoats, dresses or blouses. On the other hand, bikinis and thongs avoid lines in underwear, cover little and do not lift or offer support. Wear clothes that lift your buttocks, stomach and thighs. Those cuts help create a tighter, smoother look.

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Now yes, how do I manage to look slimmer?

1. Combines textures correctly: The portal culturacollectiva highlights an investigation by the psychologist Kurt Gray and his group of researchers, who affirms that people are more positive from combinations and balances. The figure is stylized according to the opinion of these experts, not allowing different tones, textures or prints that intimidate you.

2. Make yellow your favorite ally: “Yellow accelerates the pulse, brings positivity to your intellect and charges your attitude with energy. It is a key element if you are not slim because it makes an impact on the mind,”says Dr. Karen J.Pine of the University of Hertfordshire.

3. Support lines: You will find them in garments that make your shoulders stand out; for example, blazers with shoulder pads. With them you will make possible that optical illusion of concealing the waist and hips.

3. Monochromatic sets: In white, yellow, blue, green, turquoise or even black, with any color you will erase the lines that divide your body. It is vital that your attitude is natural and fun; However, don't forget that you dress for yourself and not for anyone else. The mind is very powerful! What's more, Carolina Herrera herself affirms that a monochromatic outfit in white will always make you look ultra-sophisticated.

4. Turn down the volume: Avoid blouses with wide sleeves, loose dresses and cocoon or elliptical-type garments. The best option is to opt for tight coats or raincoats with a belt included. The ones that fit under your bust and have a free fall from there down are excellent for any girl. These types of garments pronounce the entrance of the ribs and balance the figure.

5. Become an expert at intersections: Consider that people's eyesight, as various design and perception studies show, pays attention to what you deliberately frame for their perception. From transversal or diagonal cuts you can control what you want to make stand out from your body. Do it, because it does work!

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