8 Garments That Are Back In Fashion And That You Can't Throw Away (PHOTOS)

8 Garments That Are Back In Fashion And That You Can't Throw Away (PHOTOS)
8 Garments That Are Back In Fashion And That You Can't Throw Away (PHOTOS)
Video: 8 Garments That Are Back In Fashion And That You Can't Throw Away (PHOTOS)
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Clothing becomes the worst vice for any woman. And it is that fashion passes, style does not. You do not mind collecting all kinds of blouses, dresses, jeans, shoes and accessories because you are fully sure that when you least notice, they will be in vogue again.

Fashion is cyclical and we have already said it repeatedly, that's why you do not have to get rid of pieces that hang in your closet for several years because during this 2017 you will see them on catwalks, but especially in the outfits of your friends or any girl who walks around the city. What are those garments that you should not throw away because they returned to accompany your way of dressing this year?

1.Crop top: To wear it, you just need to feel safe with your body, regardless of whether you are a size 2 or plus size. Being a versatile garment, you have the possibility to wear it with pants, shorts or skirt, day or night. Of course, follow some recommendations to make it a success:

-If you choose a fitted crop top, the bottom part must be looser so that harmony in your look flows.

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-It favors short girls of stature because it is a garment that is above the waist, which gives the visual illusion that they have longer legs.

-If your abdomen does not have an appearance similar to that of Jennifer López, do not worry. Its cut combined with a high-waisted pants or petticoat will hide those extra pounds.

2. Elephant leg jeans: We have recently seen that, in addition to being bell, they have sophisticated embroidery. The 90s fashion is back to stay, so if you have one in your closet, don't get rid of it and combine it with high heels, neck blouses, top peplum, T-shirts and even leather jackets. Excellent news for those fleeing skinny jeans.

3. Chokers: Or better known as chokers. It is a piece also used in the 90s, made by various fabrics such as velvet, lace or leather. If you don't have yours yet, make it yourself by following these steps. Wear them in style with V-neck or off-the-shoulder garments!

4. Grunge style: When we talk about this fashion, it is impossible not to link her with Nirvana in the 90s because of her plaid shirts, long hair and back hats. If you transport yourself to that club, you will notice that celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Rihanna currently comply with this style.

5. Bandanas: You can hang them over your neck or over your head. Beautiful and they make you look fresh!

6. Whole swimsuit: Microbikinis have earned their place among the youngest; however, some celebrities prefer one-piece ones perhaps because designers have focused on innovating them and giving them a more vintage style.

7. Lace up: If you do not know them, they are those low shoes with long laces that are tied to the entire width of the ankles. You can wear them with jeans, skirts or dresses.

8. Big accessories: Like rings, glasses, bracelets, hats… And remember Edith Head's phrase: “You can get everything you want if you dress for it”.

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