7 Simple Tricks To Make Your Outfits Look Elegant Without Spending Money (PHOTOS)

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7 Simple Tricks To Make Your Outfits Look Elegant Without Spending Money (PHOTOS)
7 Simple Tricks To Make Your Outfits Look Elegant Without Spending Money (PHOTOS)
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Fashion is one of women's favorite hobbies. Proof of this is you and we know it because your curiosity was stronger when you decided to read this post, and we love that

Fashion is undoubtedly an instant language, the one that differentiates you with style, elegance and glamor. We are aware that there are days when you don't feel like putting on makeup, much less wearing heels, but there are others where you want to splurge elegance wherever you go.

Changing your wardrobe every season is a custom that few girls follow because the pocket is not enough, and it is that no matter how hard you try, think that it is like throwing money out the window because they are clothes that in a few months you will store in the closet background. Not crazy you will wear a blouse with raglan sleeves or balloon if they are not fashionable, right?

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To dress elegantly without your wallet suffering, there are simple and practical tricks that you can apply to make your outfits look different. Ready to learn them?

1.Change the buttons on your jacket: A garment like this has the power to give you elegance both when you wear a skirt, dress and when you bet on jeans. Its versatility is essential for dressing every day, because if you have a meeting in your office and decide to wear it, you will have no problem in the afternoon setting it aside for freshness.

If your budget is tight and you need to look different, how about changing the buttons? Look for ones that are bigger, brighter, or break stereotypes.

2. Add accessories: You succeed if the outfit you are wearing is basic. Bring color to that black, white, beige or brown dress with a matching necklace, wallet and shoes. You will look sensational and steal glances!

3. The shoes say a lot about you: So elegant that you can see jeans with heels and a blazer or even a tulle dress with sneakers. Do not think that for each way of dressing a type of footwear is established, not at all! It's all about you making the right combinations.

4. Wear attractive belts: Life is too short to wear boring clothes, they say out there. In elegance is good taste, so wear accessories that set the tone.

5. Say yes to neutral colors: Gray, nude, beige, white, black and stone tones make up that group. Any of them give you a sophisticated look.

6. Combine your lingerie with the color of your clothes: This is a tip that we give you almost on your knees. Please, if you wear a white dress, take care that your bra and panties are the same tone. If necessary, have pieces in your wardrobe that are made so that they are not marked through the clothes. So inelegant it is to see a girl in a beige blouse and black bra! True?

7. Bare shoulder gambling: This fashion is called off-the-shoulders. The fact that your skin is more exposed makes you look sexy and attractive without leaving your elegance behind.

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