This Girl Has Strong Words For Swimwear Designers

This Girl Has Strong Words For Swimwear Designers
This Girl Has Strong Words For Swimwear Designers
Video: This Girl Has Strong Words For Swimwear Designers
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Plus size model Sonny Turner wanted to show the problems women face when shopping for plus size swimwear at the most popular clothing stores. And he also explained to the designers why they are not doing their job well.

Sonny decided to share his opinion on the problems of the design of the bathing suits, and is very successful.

"Fitting rooms can be terrifying places," she writes in an Instagram post titled: The Reality of Going to Buy Bikinis as a Plus Size Woman.

“I wear the largest size from one of the best-known swimwear stores, which is 10-12. These types of stores do not meet the needs of women with a body type like mine. Most online stores do not either. No one understands it,”he complains.

"When I chose the bikini, I already knew it was not going to look good," she says. “But I was surprised that the largest size they had was 10-12. So I wanted to try it on to confirm it. How can manufacturers think that a size 40-42 is the largest size for women who wear a bikini?”Asks the young woman.

Turner has a few suggestions for swimwear designers:

:: Women with a lot of chest need rings for more support and to get a youthful touch.

:: We need the cup of the bikini to match that of the bra, and that implies that there is more than one D.

:: We need cups that cover more than just the nipple.

:: We need cups that bring our breasts together so that there is not such a large space between them.

:: We need the strips not to tighten so much, that it seems that they will slice our neck.

:: We need the bottom to not hang when we walk.

:: We need bikinis that do not mark the lips of the vagina.

:: We need one-piece swimsuits that cover our hips without having to pull the garment up until our neck hurts.

:: We deserve that there are more options to choose from for our body type apart from the generic black swimsuit with a kimono. Yes, although you may not believe it, some of us like that the bottom of the bikini is a thong. The entire collection does not have to be high waist.

:: We need you to stop using models with operated tits that are not a real example of how the bikini top looks on our saggy tits.

After his experience in the tester, he concludes:

“It is not fair that we cannot wear nice swimsuits just because we have a different body. We deserve to enter a store and be able to take a nice bikini for 15 euros, without having to suffer self-esteem and pocket. They should make clothes for all sizes and all body types."

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