7 Outfits To Look Elegant Without The Need To Wear Heels (PHOTOS)

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7 Outfits To Look Elegant Without The Need To Wear Heels (PHOTOS)
7 Outfits To Look Elegant Without The Need To Wear Heels (PHOTOS)
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Fashion becomes an instant language and for you a way to make style, feel beautiful and sometimes even safe. And although the heels are extremely elegant, with some outfits you don't necessarily have to wear them to look fashionable.

Realize what we are talking about when looking at these sets that are comfortable as well as refined. You will no longer have to leave your house in tennis, much less carry your heels in your wallet to change them when you arrive in the city.

Business woman: You will say that it is to fall into the informal, but do not rush. Wearing high-waisted or crooped jeans, an oversized shirt and loafers defines you as a woman who appreciates fashion, so free yourself a bit to go to an informal work meeting. For these types of engagements, you don't need a flawless executive appearance

2. Cool Outfit: You never abandon your distinguished style if you wear a skirt, blouse and sandals for a meeting with your friends, family or coworkers. Garments that make you look sweet and feminine, without forcing your feet to support heels to achieve that appearance.

3. Relax: What if you combine your jeans with jacket and low shoes? You can choose from bright colors in the upper garments to neutral tones. As for footwear, it will make you look sophisticated, without threatening your feet. Take the test at least one or two days a week!

4. Sober and relaxed look: It is a fact, the moccasins are trendy and you know it because they all wear them or because you see them through the windows of the stores. Combine them with curlotte pants, oversized blazers or coats, camisoles or neutral colors. Sandals are also welcome with these garments.

5. Neo - Preppy: Do not worry about going out to buy some clothes to fulfill this style because they are the same ones that hang in your closet, only covered with playful identity and flats.

6. Black Lady: It is the classic combination that NEVER fails, it also makes you look taller.

7. Vintage: A cool dress, tennis and accessories. You look sophisticated!

And remember the phrase of Nina García: "Life is too short to wear boring clothes."

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