5 Pieces Of Clothing That Make You Look Slimmer (PHOTOS)

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5 Pieces Of Clothing That Make You Look Slimmer (PHOTOS)
5 Pieces Of Clothing That Make You Look Slimmer (PHOTOS)

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I don't know if it happens to you, but when we are looking for a "movie" on Netflix and they offer us one of romance or fashion, we stay there, it is inevitable! And it is that obviously all women like you are looking for outfits that make them look phenomenal, on trend and even stylize their figure. And which are they?

Monochromatic pieces: We talk about including both the top and bottom the same color. Seeing you more visually stylized works because both pieces become one, which makes the torso look elongated. Try wearing heels of the same shade if you want to "trick" people into your actual height

2. Footwear in nude tones: How wonderful, we had not thought about it! They are your best allies because in addition to working for any color, they are feminine and serve as an added element to your legs; that is to say, it is like adding a few centimeters in length to your extremities only than the natural one. If the shoes you get are pointed, much better and also look for the color to be similar to that of your skin. Dare to wear heels!

3. Skirt or dress on the knees: A rule that does not fail and you must always follow is to wear clothes that are just halfway down your legs because if they are longer, they will look smaller than they really are.

4. V- neckline : Bet on T-shirts, blouses or dresses with this characteristic, while accompanying this type of piece with hairstyles that clear the hair from your face. You will look elegant, sophisticated and of course very stylish.

5. Portfolio: I do not know if you are aware, but normally Latina women are of small or medium stature, which makes portfolios of these dimensions more favorable to them because otherwise they could be disproportionate. If you are tall, go for the L or XXL bags.

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