7 Outfits Inspired By Models To Look Elegant And Sexy (PHOTOS)

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7 Outfits Inspired By Models To Look Elegant And Sexy (PHOTOS)
7 Outfits Inspired By Models To Look Elegant And Sexy (PHOTOS)
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Your personality is your best accessory, but if you add some fashionable touches that some models like Irina Shayk, Adriana Lima or even Alessandra Ambrosio usually wear, you will feel even more elegant and sexy.

Realize that to achieve this it is not necessary to buy more pieces than they do, because in the stores you frequent you will find very similar ones that fit your body perfectly.

1. Crop top and shorts: An ideal set to wear during the hottest days of the year. From Roman sandals to flats. If you want to give it a more fashionable touch, wear high boots.

2. Shoulders in the air: Showing a little skin is a weapon of seduction that you need to go to, and throughout this 2017 it is a basic of looks. Prepare to impact with a low-cut neckline that reveals one of the sexiest areas of your body.

3. Total black: Black is a color that you can call “not boring” and it is widely used to cover the cold, but it is also not censored for a summer afternoon-night when wearing tight pants and a mini-blouse.

4. Denim skirt: Models like Bella Hadid are always at the forefront and impose fashion on any street they walk. She knows that light, dark, or any shade of denim is ideal for wearing in skirts and letting your limbs shine. If you don't already have a piece like that, run to find it at a store that has good prices and simulate this look. Add heels!

5. Beautiful

6. The infallibles: Incorporate the heels to wear them with your jeans, as they stylize the figure. What's more, in France they dared to do a study and scientists at the University of Bretagne found that men behave differently towards a woman wearing high heels and one without heels. Study author Nicolas Guéguen, a behavioral researcher, said: “The size of a woman's heels has a powerful effect on men's behavior. They simply make the woman look more beautiful. " Interesting fact!

7. Palazzo: Maybe you already have one in your closet, but you have worn it with very boring sandals. Change that shoe for ankle boots and a hat, as did Alessandra Ambrosio.

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