7 Accessories That Are Perfect For Women Plus Size (PHOTOS)

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7 Accessories That Are Perfect For Women Plus Size (PHOTOS)
7 Accessories That Are Perfect For Women Plus Size (PHOTOS)
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Well said Ashley Graham, plus size model: “This is the generation of body diversity. The one of the dictatorship of the perfect bodies is coming to an end”

If you are a woman with curves like her, you have to know what are those accessories that play in your favor when it comes to looking elegant and sexy. Fashion is not a matter of size.

1.Middle or Long Necklaces: Generally plus size girls like you have a short neck. That feature of your body does not favor that you add an accessory of small proportions. The solution is that among your jewelry options, the L or XL necklaces always predominate, better with a single rope so that your look looks sophisticated and makes it a protagonist.

2. Pantyhose stockings: Smooth. Stay away from all those with textures or patterns, because having thick legs favors more simple ones. Wear them in a short dress, shorts or even a provocative skirt. Playing with your attributes will make you feel sexy. Or even look for those that do not cover the entire leg.

3. High-heeled shoes: Who says they are banned for being a plus size girl proudly? Get them out of the bottom of your closet and get them going. Both heels and platform shoes have to become your best allies when dressing because they have the ability to stylize your figure and make your legs look longer.

4. Bracelets, earrings and rings of medium proportions: I know that you are fascinated by jewelery in enormous proportions; However, what best suits your curves are those size M bracelets and bangles, since they will not look too big or too small, but perfect for your body. Do not fall into the mistake of overloading your ears, necks or hands because you will ruin your beautiful outfit. Always remember that less is more.

5. Big belts: I love them! Mark your waist when you wear a palazzo, dress or camisole with an important size belt. There they are accepted! With this accessory you will make your body simulate an hourglass, which will give you a lot of security.

6. Palazzo: They are beautiful!

7. Medium wallets: Leaving your home without a bag is like forgetting your cell phone. It is so necessary! By nature, women like you are flirty and a cute wallet, but above all useful, it is always an essential element in your outfit. Best of all, you have already realized that fashion has no rules, because you put those with your style. So stop being so strict with yourself and dare to wear a completely different tone to the one you wear in your look. That little change brings your appearance to life!

We can't finish this note without first remembering another phrase from Ashley Graham, who says: “As the curvy woman that I am, I was supposed to have women like Marilyn Monroe or Jennifer Lopez as an example, because they are two of the curvy women most famous. But they were never my example to follow. My example was my mother. She told me that I was beautiful and that if she never criticized herself, I didn't have to either. She told me that true beauty comes from within and that validation and self-approval, too.”

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