8 Pieces Of Clothing That Will Be In Fashion This Fall (PHOTOS)

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8 Pieces Of Clothing That Will Be In Fashion This Fall (PHOTOS)
8 Pieces Of Clothing That Will Be In Fashion This Fall (PHOTOS)
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Autumn is here! And a change of season, also implies a renovation in our closet

As a fashion lover, you will want to walk the streets of your city or anywhere you visit with the best outfits. That is why we tell you what are those pieces that you have to buy during these months in which the trees show off their reddish orange leaves so that, like them, you are fashionable in autumn.

1.Army jacket: We love olive green! They are available in beige, dark wine and, of course, army green. Army style jackets set trends during these last months of the year. If you have one in your wardrobe and want to give it a new look, put patches and embroidered applications on it.

The best options to combine them are with ripped jeans or even with a casual dress. Fashion is imposed by you!

2. Velvet: We talk specifically about dresses and pants. Wear this velvet in one of the garments or with a total look.

3. Blouse, dress or pants with polka dots: During this 2017 they have timidly appeared, but they gain strength at the end of the year. If your personality is shy, go for the discreet ones. If, on the other hand, you are extremely daring, the flamenco ones are for you.

4. Coats or versize: They are protagonists in wide and relaxed versions. They are so versatile that you can take them to the office or to a date with your boy.

5. Sailor style: I don't know about you, but everyone in the office loves outfits with sailor style. The navy blue gains strength in t-shirts, palazzos, in addition to the navy stripes that cannot be missed. Opt for tops that are long-sleeved!

6. Overlays: A sweater under a dress? If it is fashionable, it covers you from the cold and it also looks so cool, why give up your proposal?

7. Pleated skirts: A feminine classic that refuses to disappear! Its origin dates back to ancient Greece, but in the 1970s it became popular, allowing itself to be carried away by influential figures such as Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel.

They are very elegant skirts that go perfectly with more formal shirts or blouses. Look for one in black so you have versatility when combining it. Green also makes you look chic!

8. Crazy Ruffles: They will continue to be in style this season, which will make you smile because that blouse or dress you wore for the summer is still in. If you are going to buy a piece that meets this characteristic, buy it with simpler or more discreet ruffles. And remember that during this fall or whatever season you have to dress as if you were going to run into the worst of your enemies or the love of your life.

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