These Are The 7 Colors That Most Favor All Types Of Women (PHOTOS)

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These Are The 7 Colors That Most Favor All Types Of Women (PHOTOS)
These Are The 7 Colors That Most Favor All Types Of Women (PHOTOS)

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Girls, life is too short to have only boring clothes in the closet. Fashion is something you buy, but ultimately style is what you do with it. Knowing how to choose your outfits well in shape, style and colors makes you feel more confident about yourself. And if you are not so convinced of what we are talking about, remember for a moment how powerful and sexy you feel when you wear that outfit that you love so much. That feeling is indescribable!

Today, we are going to talk about those clothing colors that are perfect for all types of women. Pay close attention and review which ones you don't have in your closet yet to dispose of them as soon as possible.

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Few dare to wear it, but when they find out everything it transmits, they will want to increase the number of garments that make up their outfits.

It is related to energy, creativity, happiness and attraction. By wearing it, you feel like screaming to the world that you love fun and social life. It doesn't fixate on skin tones to flatter anyone!

2. White It is a wild color because it is enough that you approach almost any other shade to achieve a perfect and ideal combination for any type of skin. Of course, if you have a very light complexion it is not appropriate to mix it with lighter colors, opt for those more vivid. Carrying it with you reflects transparency, innocence, sobriety and cleanliness. It is perfect for a job interview, important meeting and even for a romantic date. Never to go out dancing, because you need freedom to have fun without worrying about accidents that ruin the exit. The simple choice of a white T-shirt with jeans summarizes how much this color can be used, and it looks good on any girl.

3. Turquoise

It NEVER fails when combined with cool tones (white, blue and some shades of green), but it also works very well with quartz pink.

4. Rosa Have you noticed that even if a woman is white, brunette or brown, it suits her very well? Its various shades mean that you can opt for fuchsias or pale roses, two extremes that you can bet on without falling into a disaster when dressing.

5. Red The girl who does not have a red piece in her wardrobe is out. Do not miss the opportunity to look energetic, passionate and even bold. Take advantage of the fact that it is a color for all types of women because it gives them a plus by making them feel more confident in themselves.

6. Yellow It transmits joy, enthusiasm, is easy to grasp and gives the feeling that you are very happy with the color of the sun and energy. And we find a very interesting fact about it: it is capable of lifting your spirits, and even becoming your best ally when you pretend to be the center of attention.

7. Blue He is the most grateful! It does not discriminate skin color, much less height. It is one of the most viewed shades among women's wardrobes because its versatility when combining makes them essential.

It can be combined with white, gray, even yellow or orange and it looks divine. Do you like blue?

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