7 Pieces Of Clothing That Make Your Buttocks Look Bigger (PHOTOS)

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7 Pieces Of Clothing That Make Your Buttocks Look Bigger (PHOTOS)
7 Pieces Of Clothing That Make Your Buttocks Look Bigger (PHOTOS)
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When you go into your closet to find what to wear, you have to choose your outfits according to two requirements: One, dress as if you were going to find your worst enemy (a) and two, with what you feel comfortable and completely one diva. Those two fashion rules are perfectly complied with by these seven garments that highlight your butt because they make it look bigger, rounder and more beautiful.

1.Pencil skirt

Have you noticed that Kim Kardashian and Jennifer López use them too much? Realize that it is not only for fashion, but also because the style of this garment tightens the hips and thighs, making your butt look of considerable proportions and with a beautiful shape. The good thing is that you can combine them with a high heel for a more elegant look or with tennis for a more casual outfit.

two. Skinny We are aware that one of the strongest trends and that is already established in the streets are the elephant leg jeans, but for this purpose the denim pants on your side is skinny because they are tight and narrow ankles, which makes your butt stand out more. Look for them with small pockets to make your buttocks look rounder.

3. Corset

Getting a tapered, rigid and stylized torso in the ladies of the aristocracy and the nobility, that was the purpose of the first corsets in the sixteenth century. Sure, they were all made of full metal, which limited mobility.

As fashion changes, the material with which they are made was changing to such a point that now you can get them more easily and it is even more comfortable to use them.

Your silhouette is reduced and looks more attractive, while it highlights your curves, marks the hustle and hips.

4. Skirts and pants at the waist Without knowing it, you make the mistake of putting on skirts, pants, culottes or shorts that “waist” on your hips. This type of garment is your worst enemy when it comes to highlighting your booty because the difference that has to exist between the back and the buttocks is lost. Bet on the ones that mark your waist and make your body look like a mermaid.

5. Dark jeans

When it comes to the demin, the dark tones favor more than the light ones, since the faded denim the only thing that does is highlight even more what you want to hide. Even if you have more jeans in shades like strong blue and black, you have more options to combine your dress up games.

6. Maxi dress You do not need XXL dresses, but those that highlight your curves. Put on all these clothes because the truth is that life is too short to wear boring clothes!

7. Heels

They are not always to be worn for their “poor” comfort and health, but they are for special events. This type of shoe stylizes the legs and lifts the butt.

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