10 Ways To Combine A Black Dress And Not Look Boring (PHOTOS)

10 Ways To Combine A Black Dress And Not Look Boring (PHOTOS)
10 Ways To Combine A Black Dress And Not Look Boring (PHOTOS)
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The influential fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld says it well: "A woman never goes too elegant or too casual in a black dress." And it is that this garment is basic in your wardrobe for its versatility when combining it. What's more, we will call it a "bailout" because just as it works for a cocktail dinner, it is perfect for you to go out for an afternoon of coffee with your friends or enjoy a summer weekend.

Obviously, before choosing to wear your black dress it is necessary to take into account what type of activity you will be going to. Take note and choose the outfit you will wear. You have a wide range of options to look fantastic and fashionable!

1.Black dress + sneakers: Of course you are not going to appear at a formal office event with this outfit, but you will attend a relaxed style meeting with your best friend, go for a walk with your boyfriend or during a trip. Your dress can be long or short, ribbed or cotton … it is a combination that never fails on days of good weather.

2. Black dress + heels: A really sexy outfit for a romantic date or in conquest.

3. Black dress + hat: It looks spectacular! And if you are a fan of black glasses, even better. Your look will be very bohemian.

4. Black dress + plumeti stockings: As much as you like your legs, if you wear this garment to a formal dinner, the ideal thing is that you accompany it with plumeti stockings because you look much more elegant and sophisticated.

5. Black dress + colored garment: Being a neutral tone piece it is very easy to combine; However, there are certain colors that can accompany it and make it look fantastic. For example, red, white, yellow, green, blue and pale pink.

6. Black dress + jacket: Or also called a vest, capable of subtracting formality and giving a more relaxed touch to your outfit. And even better if you wear a hat and high boots. Precious!

7. Black sleep dress + lace bodice: You have the option to fashion your slim straps dress just by adding a cotton shirt or lace bodice. And the variety of footwear you need to go from sneakers to heels.

8. Black dress + fur or sequin bolero: This delicate piece has the ability to give a 180 degree turn to your black dress.

9. Black dress + jersey: It looks really chic! It is time to take off and wear that strapless dress that has been hanging in your closet for several months. On sunny days you can wear it alone, but on windy days it is better with an oversize sweater. Put on knee-high boots and give your outfit a more youthful look!

10. Black dress + musketeer boot, high top or Roman style: The black dress goes with all kinds of footwear, but with high top or over the knee boots you will have a neat look.

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