10 Rules For Wearing Leggings And Looking Like A Fashion Expert (PHOTOS)

10 Rules For Wearing Leggings And Looking Like A Fashion Expert (PHOTOS)
10 Rules For Wearing Leggings And Looking Like A Fashion Expert (PHOTOS)
Video: 10 Rules For Wearing Leggings And Looking Like A Fashion Expert (PHOTOS)
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Leggings are here to stay. Like all fashions, one believed that in a few months she would abandon women's wardrobes, but no. For the comfort, versatility and infinity of combinations that are achieved with them, they have not been dethroned from the place of privilege that they have earned since they became fashionable.

Because of the fabric with which they are designed and the way they fit the body, there are basic rules that you have to follow to walk fashion all year round. Follow them to the letter!

1.The Basics: The first rule to follow is to choose the correct underwear. Make sure the lingerie you wear is seamless and is the same shade as the leggings you are wearing. The idea is that it is so subtle that the piece that covers your intimate area is not noticeable.

2. Always with XXL blouses: It is part of the main fashion tips. Understand that they are not pants, so you should avoid wearing them with blouses with a waist length. This type of pieces is worn with a blouse and long blazers.

3. Accept prints: They work as a good idea to exalt your personality. If you have slim legs, flower designs, stripes or any conceptual art make them look more proportionate. Of course, in the upper part it is mandatory to wear a blouse with a more neutral tone to avoid it looking too loaded.

5. Be careful with some colors: And why? It is not a very versatile color to wear on the lower part of your body, besides it usually gets dirty with nothing. Neither beige or flesh-colored ones are recommended. The reason is because they give the appearance that you are naked. Very anti-fashion!

6. Lines: The ones worn by your leggings have to be thick, otherwise you could look extremely thin.

4. Sport version: You will have already realized how comfortable sports clothing is. Without fear of looking out of place, use it for an afternoon walk with your favorite tennis shoes. Brightly colored designs will make your look look more fun.

7. Black, the king of colors: With one, two or three black leggings in your closet, you can wear all kinds of outfits, from the most casual to the most formal. For example, a casual one includes a loose sweater or blouse, high shoes, a wallet, some simple accessories and your pants made of soft fabric.

8. The right size: Not one size less or one more. Whenever you go shopping don't let your perspective betray you regarding these pieces.

9. Correct footwear: Wear from sandals, heels, flats and even high boots. The only rule is to choose the right one according to the occasion and take care that if your leggings are printed, your shoes have to be smooth.

10. With XS dress: She looks very sensual!

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