What Shoe Should I Wear According To My Foot Type? (PHOTOS)

What Shoe Should I Wear According To My Foot Type? (PHOTOS)
What Shoe Should I Wear According To My Foot Type? (PHOTOS)
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Do you know how many pairs of shoes you have in your closet? No idea! According to a study by the American Consumer Reporting Center, footwear is one of the women's garments that causes the most addiction problems among women. He points out that they normally have up to 19 pairs - even if you actually only use four - however, 15% of them store up to 30 pairs. The worrying thing is that most of them do not know if the type of shoe they wear adapts to their foot type, which often generates malformations such as bunions, corns and you can even feel pain or discomfort.

"It is essential to give priority to comfort when buying shoes", recommends Carmen Moral, podiatrist. In addition, she recommends choosing the ones you will wear depending on the activity you are going to do, but also urges you to take into account the shape of your foot before what dictates fashion.

To comply with that recommendation given by the expert, discover what type of foot you have so that you can learn to choose the right footwear from now on. No more pain!

1. Foot with square toes: You have to know that if you have toes that are almost the same size and that simulate being square, you will have enormous difficulty when it comes to using new shoes because they have a difficult way to please footwear; that is, rectangular.

You will have noticed that it is a headache for you to find shoes with a fine toe that adapts to your feet. If you find them, within minutes or hours you feel that your fingers seem to be stuck in the middle of the shoe and if you wear them for a long time, you will feel mild or even intense pain.

"The square foot requires especially wide footwear to prevent chafing and calluses on the little toes," says Moral.

2. Greek foot: You get to identify this type of foot because the second toe is longer than the others, which means that if you have it you need shoes that are long enough so that this toe does not suffer. If your feet comply with this characteristic, you may suffer from nail injuries due to impacts, calluses and even hammer toe, because you are forced to bend the longest toe inside the shoe. The recommendation is that you choose a shoe with a wide last and a round toe. Also bet on those with long tips, they tend to be of great help because of the shape of your second finger.

3. Egyptian foot: It is easy to recognize! The first finger is longer than the others. When choosing comfortable shoes, the ideal is for you to prefer any type that has a wide last and a round toe.

4. Common foot: It is called that because most people have their feet in this shape and you could be one of them. You will know if, when looking at your feet, you notice that the first three toes are bigger than the last two. The good news for you is that any type of footwear is convenient. Of course, invest in quality shoes to take care of the health of your feet, otherwise you will have to resort to home remedies to cure foot pain as a result of using synthetic or plastic footwear.

5. Wide last: And what is a last? It is the piece of wood that imitates the dimensions and profile of your foot, used by shoemakers to make footwear. In other words, if you have a wide or wide foot, the ideal is that tennis, flats or equestrian boots prevail in your wardrobe. On the other hand, heels should NEVER be missing in your closet, but in your case they must comply with the characteristic of being a bridge type or wide-heeled sandals.

6. Regular last: It is characterized by being neither too wide nor too thin, which gives you freedom to wear all kinds of shoes. For example, moccasin style, sandals or even pumps with platform or heel.

7. Short last: It is that foot that is reduced, slim and small. It's called the "perfect foot," but it's actually rare. For your comfort, comfort and elegance, wear high-top sneakers or sandals with straps.

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