9 Fashion Lessons We Learned From Jennifer López

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9 Fashion Lessons We Learned From Jennifer López
9 Fashion Lessons We Learned From Jennifer López
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At almost 50 years old, Jennifer López, in addition to being a singer, dancer, producer, film actress and mother, is also a designer and fashion icon. A woman who inspires many others, including celebrities, to adopt her exclusive way of dressing

Despite her fame and her unimaginable bank account, during an interview with the Mexican media in 2015, the Bronx Diva recognized that with her own clothing line she always prefers to bring fashion to ordinary people who have similar aspirations to that she had growing up in New York. And he accepted that although today he can have designer clothes in his enormous wardrobe, he still loves bargains: "We are all Latinas, we like the same things," he said on that occasion.

Like all of them, she carefully chooses her outfits and believes that it is essential to know the body perfectly.

" I think that someone with good style, who masters this and knows what fits him well can wear the cuts. It is not about wearing a garment just because it looks beautiful in the store, you cannot allow the clothes to 'use you', you have to wear the clothes, as it is a reflection of who you are,” said JLo in an interview. Glamor.

Over the years, the current couple of Alex Rodríguez has given us fashion lessons that if you do not know them, you have to do it and start applying them in your daily life.

Heart-stopping transparencies: During the Golden Globes Awards in 2013, the pop diva wore a dress with transparencies and embroidery by designer Zuhair Murad. At that time, she told the world that she could be almost naked on the red carpet and still look elegant. From that moment, the replicas of the transparencies became an "obligation" in many celebrations and not only of celebrities, but also at weddings, office parties …

2. Classy shoes and wallet: "From these two accessories it will depend on which outfit looks more or less arranged", he considers.

3. Deep necklines: JLo is a pioneer in showing more than allowed on the red carpet. She did it during the 42nd Grammy Awards in 2000. The interpreter made history with the tropical green dress with a deep V neckline, which was considered one of the most memorable garments in history and responsible for Google creating its platform Search for the world's most important images, called Google Image Search.

4. Versatile dress: Inside her wardrobe -which even has a staircase of how big it is- there is no shortage of dresses and practical clothes themselves, those that you can take both to the office and to go out at night. It suggests that all your clothes have to make you feel safe, beautiful and fit like a glove, sexy or casual.

5. Nude, among her favorite shades: Among her favorite shades, are nude and powdery shades, but also metallic finishes, white, black and the range of blues.

When choosing a designer, Versace signs most of his looks, although he also has Armani, Donna Karan, Gucci, among others.

6. The perfect gala dress: Long dresses always grab your attention when it comes to attending a gala event. It is for women who choose nude or pastel colors, although sometimes also bright ones, animal print and even the very successful red. Get inspired by the taste of this singer of Puerto Rican origin every time you have an elegant event on your agenda.

7. Deadly Denim: With her casual denim look, she shows you that despite being considered in 2017 as one of the women with the highest earnings by Forbes magazine -p / eugHxjGuCw / ">


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8. Sexy without the need to show skin: Just as she has the necessary attributes to show off her statuesque body, she has the elegance to know how to decide when it is necessary to look sophisticated and discreet.

9. True to heels: JLo manages to style her 1.64 centimeters (5.3 feet) always with heels and hopefully chokers or knop top bows that enhance her extremities.

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