10 Types Of Shoes That Will Be In Fashion All Year Round And That You Will Want To Have (PHOTOS)

10 Types Of Shoes That Will Be In Fashion All Year Round And That You Will Want To Have (PHOTOS)
10 Types Of Shoes That Will Be In Fashion All Year Round And That You Will Want To Have (PHOTOS)
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High, low boots, with heel, without heel, strappy sandals, wedge, flat, tennis, with platform, without platform … So many styles of shoes and we always want more! Women who love footwear never tire of investing money in "moving" their feet. If you are one of them, you will want to have all these that will be worn throughout the year, because you will want to combine your outfits with shoes that are in fashion.

1. Detachable style: As you may know, shoes like wallets have the power to elevate any look to another level. They are the accessories with which you have the freedom to play with their materials, textures and colors, without fear that they will not work. Therefore, bet on all those shoes that are removable; that is, they have two versions when incorporating removable buckles or fringes.

2. Sandals with stuffed animals: One of the celebrities who put them on trend was Rihanna with her Fenty x Puma collection, but today even low cost stores have them in their showcases. The more stuffed the more chased they are. Luckily the styles range from sporty to more elegant.

3. Mules: They had a huge role in the 90s and now they appear again. Its design is designed to combine sandals with clogs, being its main feature that almost completely covers the front of the foot, exposing the heel. You can combine them with dresses, jeans or even with long or short jumpsuits. The recommendation of the experts is that you accompany them with more formal outfits because they create the illusion of more stylized feet.

4. Espadrilles: In spring, summer and the first days of autumn it is good to leave out high boots and ankle boots. It's time to make the transition to espadrilles! Their styles are light and although some retain their closed style, the platform they have makes them distinguishable.

5. Babie s: Wearing heels defines you as a powerful and self-confident woman, said a study by Made in Me.

Since you never want to say goodbye to them, for this year the most in are those with square heels that you can wear all day without feeling discomfort, and they are called babies. They have a modest height and a closure that gives the ankles a delicate appearance. They are accepted during all times of the year because they NEVER go out of style.

6. Offer color to your feet: The color palette of your shoe needs to be expanded because in addition to the classic colors such as black, beige, white, brown … there must be multicolored shoes. All those electric, flashy and metallic styles will hit hard during the 12 months.

7. Stiletto heel: It is one of those classic shoes that never go out of style. Although they are usually worn more during night events when accompanying a casual or elegant dress, they also add a lot of elegance with a jean or colored pants.

8. Platform tennis: They are here to stay! The street style they give to any look is really impressive. They give height, while offering you comfort like no other footwear.

9. With ties or pearls: Especially in sports shoes, although do not discard some sandals either. The characteristic that these ornaments have to fulfill is to have proportions of XXL, large soft satin bows that bring femininity to your feet.

10. Sandals and white ankle boots: They are the queens of street style. Both styles have become a basic to have inside the wardrobe, and even better if they meet specific characteristics such as a retro touch, a square heel and, in the case of sandals, with an ankle strap. On the catwalk!

A pair of shoes changes your life and if you don't believe us, you should look in your story books and ask Cinderella!

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