8 Ways To Wear Flared Pants And Look Great (PHOTOS)

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8 Ways To Wear Flared Pants And Look Great (PHOTOS)
8 Ways To Wear Flared Pants And Look Great (PHOTOS)
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Do you have bell bottoms hanging in your wardrobe and you don't know how to combine it?

Fashion is definitely cyclical. This type of pants, also called elephant leg, were the latest fashion in the 70s and 90s, and now they are again a trend in the streets and windows. Its versatility makes it a garment to take to work, to a date or wherever you want. Its main advantage is that it lengthens the legs, while giving your waist a more streamlined appearance.

To achieve this effect, we give you these 10 ways in which you must wear them in complete safety because they will make you look sensational.

1.White blouse and sandals: For something the white shirt or blouse is an essential classic in any closet. One of her greatest followers is none other than Carolina Herrera, who believes that this garment can be worn with or without jewelry, with jeans or long or short skirts. Such statement leads us to think that, in itself, having a white blouse is synonymous with lifestyle, elegance and sophistication. And with flared jeans and sandals they look good fashion!

2. With leather jacket: Versions of this type of pants are available and in heaps. There are smooth, printed, denim … Regardless of the material and the cut it has, the most important thing is that when choosing yours, it is able to lengthen your legs, cover your shoes and practically touch the ground.

3. Sweater and boots: The upper garment must be loose, while the boots must be high, in such a way that they are at ground level so that your figure becomes even more stylized.

4. Colorful pants and blouse: Although denim is what you are currently wearing, do not discount the possibility of adding color to your outfit with a striking piece and a neutral blouse.

5. Wear a belt: Another successful way to wear bell-bottom pants is to wear them with a blouse inside and a belt, hopefully it meets characteristics such as being thin, in leather texture and with a buckle.

6. Sailor blouse: A different and sophisticated way of choosing an outfit. For example, you can skip the dress during an informal social event and choose to wear a very feminine suit that consists of a semi-fitted bodice with a sailor style and elegant fabric pants with this cut.

7. Total color: To spice up your look, play with accessories. A wallet, scarf or XXL necklace.

8. With a wide blouse and blazer: Make sure that one of the two pieces is a bright or cheerful color. Being pants that adjust to the height of the waist, it defines more curves.

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