10 Dresses To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest (PHOTOS)

10 Dresses To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest (PHOTOS)
10 Dresses To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest (PHOTOS)
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When you are invited to a wedding, the first thing you think about is not the gift you will offer to the bride and groom, but the dress you will wear. Of course, that day all the guests' attention will be on the bride, but you also want to feel good. Do it with these dresses that will make you look like a perfect guest at a wedding. 1.The perfect dress:When choosing yours, you have to take into account several factors such as: weather, time, style of the wedding, what kind of party they will hold and the location of the ceremony. According to all of them, you have to be favored, so the best advice we give you is that for that day, forget the dresses with very provocative necklines that prevent you from moving freely for fear of teaching more or tight outfits that do not make you feel comfortable.

2. Passion red: This color will last forever as a hit to go to a wedding, especially if it is at night. We know it is a strong tone, but it pays homage to love. This color captivates, catches, seduces and is synonymous with passion. Please note that it is correct to choose red over white. The latter is only accepted in the bride.

3. Polka Dots: This print is worn most of all during the spring and summer because you give a happy and fun look. You have the option of wearing this print in a total look or let it be the protagonist as a texture in your shoes or wallet. Play with your style and shine throughout the event.

4. The protagonists: The flowers! They are in charge of putting that romantic touch to the wedding, but they also have the ability to do it with you. The way you should wear them is in the form of embroidery.

5. Solid color dress: And what is this? It is that outfit that is made up of a single tone. In this case, neutral colors such as nude and beige are applied, but also others that are very trendy this year, such as rosewood, ultraviolet, navy, light turquoise and baby blue.

6. Jumpsuit or palazzo: Ok, we are clear that it does not belong to the group of dresses; However, it is a style that has earned a space within weddings. If you feel safe with one of them, wear it with confidence. The wisest advice to follow is to accentuate it according to the style, time, and location of the ceremony. For example, if it's overnight, go for one with glitter.

7. Vintage: Wasp waist, strategic drapes, pointed hips and marked shoulders. All these characteristics of the pattern making of the 40s, 50s and even 80s are intended to favor your silhouette.

8. Mark your elegance: With a black dress. Although many would believe that this tone is linked to mourning, the truth is that for this type of occasion it is synonymous with elegance and allows you to freely play with accessories.

9. Dress with lace: Because they are elegant and are pieces that never go out of style. Combine whatever your wedding guest dress is always with heels. It is mandatory!

10. Bare back: So sexy! What if I add a headdress?

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