Tell Me What Is Your Favorite Style Of Shoes And I Will Tell You How You Are (PHOTOS)

Tell Me What Is Your Favorite Style Of Shoes And I Will Tell You How You Are (PHOTOS)
Tell Me What Is Your Favorite Style Of Shoes And I Will Tell You How You Are (PHOTOS)
Video: Tell Me What Is Your Favorite Style Of Shoes And I Will Tell You How You Are (PHOTOS)

WE LOVE shoes! And although most women long to have a section as wide as that of Thalía or Jennifer López, it is almost impossible for us. Even so, in your closet there is no lack of tennis, high or low boots, sandals with and without a platform, heels, moccasins … Of all styles because although you may not believe it, your shoes reflect 90% of your personality, this was determined by a study from the University of Kansas, published by the Journal of Research in Personality.

To better interpret what this study reflected, we will analyze one by one the most used styles among us. Check and find out if the shoes you wear define a lot of how you are as a woman. Find out what this study says about your favorite shoes.

1. Heels: For no one it is a secret that it is one of the most persecuted and lucid styles, so much so that 65% of us declare ourselves fans # 1. Of course they are a sexy accessory when you wear a dress or even jeans, but really what it is associated with is that you are a girl who likes to feel powerful and glamorous. Heels end up giving you self-confidence, so treat yourself to them.

2. Flats: They are definitely walking comfort. Although their design deprives them of having a heel, the ballerina shoes are still stylish and feminine. This type of footwear is usually one of the most liked if you are a mature girl, ambitious for your success and serious.

3. Platforms: Frequently you see them in showcases or even on the feet of celebrities, exposing style, but no ambition because in reality what these types of shoes give to the feet is comfort. Those who wear them are people who like to share with their family and friends.

4. Tennis: You are not complicated and your purpose is to fulfill your busy daily schedule, so that is why you flee from the complex and from what does not give you comfort.

5. Flat sandals: You, me and most of us usually have ones inside our wardrobe because many times we combine them with simple dresses, shorts or even jumpsuits. And what does that mean? That you love to follow a carefree and natural life. Don't get complicated!

6. Ankle boots: They are complex women, with a strong personality and somewhat stubborn, the study says.

7. Boots: They are the type of footwear that if many had to choose their role, they would put them in a top 3. If they have a knee height or heel, they define you as a strong and determined woman.

8. In leather or black color: The experts of the Made in me site define you as practical, not very fanciful and even shy.

9. Pastel colors: Like nude, they indicate that you are romantic, delicate and capable of fulfilling everything you set your mind to.

10. Strong colors: Blue, red, green … If you like to buy this type of shoe, it is because you are serene, but outgoing and extremely sociable.

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