7 Outfits You Can Wear In The Spring-summer Transition (PHOTOS)

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7 Outfits You Can Wear In The Spring-summer Transition (PHOTOS)
7 Outfits You Can Wear In The Spring-summer Transition (PHOTOS)
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Rescuing items of clothing you wear in the spring to wear during the summer is possible. The fact that the season changes is not synonymous with the fact that you have to run to stores to buy a new collection -the portfolio is not that bad- but rather it is time to choose those that are still in fashion, adapt to the conditions of the weather and make you look fashion for several more months without spending money.

The outfits or pieces that you can wear in the spring-summer 2018 transition are these:

1.White Dress: Do you want reasons why it can't be missing from your closet? It is easy to combine, it is elegant and, above all, it does not need much to highlight. A white dress combined with the indicated accessories enhances the feminine silhouette of any woman, brings light and is also a tone that is worn both day and night.

2. Bustiers: It is the sophisticated and structured version of the bra that was used as underwear to support the bust and stylize the figure. Today it is a garment that is worn during spring and summer, its versions are diverse, from 100% made in lace, to different patterns. The correct way to combine them is with jeans and shorts. A fundamental requirement is that it is at the waist to create a sexy and proportionate look. Also bet on a long and vaporous skirt.

3. Slip dress: They are the most elegant version that you can bet on during summer nights. If you want to make them more informal, wear a t-shirt in neutral tones.

4. No les temas a las transparencias: Este tipo de estilo apareció en la industria de la moda para aportar más libertad a los outfits, y firmas como Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy y Carolina Herrera no han dudado en usarlas. Algunas de las telas más utilizadas son: tul, seda, troquelado, organza, gasa gofrada y la rafia. Si tienes una blusa o vestido con esta característica, ten plena confianza en que seguir usándolo(a) está permitido durante esta siguiente temporada. Para que te sientas cómoda en llevarla, todo dependerá de tu personalidad. Por ejemplo, si eres conservadora, trata de usar un top en el interior y si eres más atrevida, contrastar tu conjunto con ropa interior de un tono distinto también es un acierto.

5. Denim: It's here to stay! And if you think about it, it is a way of dressing that is so easy to wear during all seasons of the year.

6. Long jumpsuit with flowers: Perfect to wear day or night. They are generally designed with fresh fabrics. With platform sandals you will look sophisticated because you will get a more arranged outfit.

7. Give them free rein to the pastel colors, but also to the striking ones: The yellow, mauve and mint green tones transmit sweetness. But fuchsia, greens, reds, oranges, blues … bring joy to your appearance and lift your mood.

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