Stitch Lab, The First Incubator Of Latin American Fashion Talent, Arrives In The US

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Stitch Lab, The First Incubator Of Latin American Fashion Talent, Arrives In The US
Stitch Lab, The First Incubator Of Latin American Fashion Talent, Arrives In The US
Video: Stitch Lab, The First Incubator Of Latin American Fashion Talent, Arrives In The US
Video: Stitch Lab, where you can get acquainted with Latin American fashion Designers 2023, February

Stitch Lab will be the first platform that will help emerging Latin American designers connect with wholesale and local buyers, national and international press, influencers and consumers in general, on the same site. According to its founders, Andrea Chediak and Karina Rosendo, their motto is: “Support and empower not only these brands, but also those attending the event, and that is why we have created a series of panels with special guests who come to share their experiences”. And so it will be, since the event, which will take place this Friday, June 1 in Miami (1548 Brickell Ave in Miami, FL, from 2 pm to 8 pm), will consist of a VIP fashion exhibition, followed by an open Trunk Show to the public with a careful selection of high-quality products from a group of Latin American designers.

But, to know a little more about this innovative project, we had the pleasure of speaking with its founders. Do not miss it!

SM: How did the idea of ​​joining to do Stitch Lab come about? Do you think there was a gap in Latin fashion for a project like this?

Andrea Chediak: The idea of ​​uniting and creating Stitch Lab was born when we saw the great lack that existed in the market to be able to expose Latin designers' talent at an international level and without costing them an extremely expensive investment.

SM: What does Stitch Lab consist of? And who is it for?

Karina Rosendo: Stitch Lab is a talent incubator with a mission to empower emerging fashion designers to launch their brands in the United States. Our vision is to connect these designers with potential buyers, wholesalers and boutiques, as well as a network of fashion influencers, stylists, celebrities and the media to give them exposure in the market and generate sales outside their countries. That without forgetting the general public, who also comes to the event and can purchase these garments through us.

SM: Has it been very difficult for you to introduce these brands in the US?

Karina Rosendo: “On the contrary! Thank God, all brands have had a great reception in the press and through social networks. Buyers are very excited to attend the event and see this product of such high quality and original designs. Currently the fashion of our Latin American countries is experiencing a wonderful boom and the public is appreciating more and more unique, limited edition products that are also made by artisan hands and techniques that no machine can reproduce.

SM: They support eco-friendly, sustainable and socially designed commerce and designs. Do you think fashion is heading towards this trend?

Andrea Chediak: “Totally! We are seeing it in big brands such as Stella McCartney and Derek Lam and big international firms, who are choosing not only to use biodegradable or recycled materials, but also for the work of artisans or old techniques and increasingly moving away from massive factories and machinery to offer a change and a better product that values ​​the hands behind the product. It is important to us to support designers who are embracing this production system and who value the work behind their brands that they design not only to become a trademark, but also to improve the lives of communities of people.

SM: How do you choose designers and what would you highlight about them?

Andrea Chediak: The designers chose them by doing some research because we wanted to bring a representation from all of Latin America. I followed many on the networks or knew them for relationships and opportunities through my work as a fashion and beauty correspondent for the Univisión network.

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