12 Trends That Are In Fashion This Summer (PHOTOS)

12 Trends That Are In Fashion This Summer (PHOTOS)
12 Trends That Are In Fashion This Summer (PHOTOS)
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What clothes are fashionable this summer? The outfits or pieces that are going strong this summer 2018 are these:

1.Jumpsuit: They succeed this summer! Fashion is cyclical and everything comes back renewed. This garment was one of the outfits that changed the girls of the 90s. Their ability to be combined makes them stomp this season of good weather because you combine them with boots, ankle boots, moccasins, platform sandals or flats and even with sneakers. They are very cool to carry on hot days!

2. Fringes: They represent a guarantee for your look both day and night, in long or short version. The aesthetics they had before creating a hippie outfit is a thing of the past. Its delicate construction has led them to become extra glam and sophisticated.

3. Bandana: They look great and save you from hot days when hair sometimes tends to be very unruly. Cover the frizz!

4. Rainbow stripes: Paper pants or linen pants, a long dress or any other garment that meets this requirement are a hit when dressing on sunny days. This type of print arrived a few months ago and settled with such force that it takes over the summer. Keep in mind that vertical stripes stylize, lengthen your figure and feel great for all types of bodies.

5. Hats: A chic accessory! The oversized hats are one of the trendiest garments of the moment. One of the rules you have to respect before choosing the right one is that the bigger the better. They are a must because they add style to your outfits and cover you from the sun.

6. On points: The so-called polka dots grab their chip and their turn from June to August. In which versions? The proposals they give you are very varied because they range from mini versions to the most striking. Make sure you have a blouse, petticoat, shorts, pants or jumper with this type of print inside your wardrobe because they give a modern look to your way of dressing.

7. Black Cat-Eye Lenses: Even the flattest and most boring outfit takes a 180-degree turn when you add black glasses.

8. 100% print: On a dress, for example. It is a piece that cannot be ignored because it brings feminism, sensuality and freshness. Long, vaporous, short, tight … whatever, but wear it with flowers, stripes …

9. Mermaid skirt: There are two versions of it: The first, which opens up naturally after adjusting on the hips; and the second, the one that includes a ruffle cut or detail from the knee. Its elegance is that it accentuates your hips and buttocks much more - it makes them look more voluminous - while adding glamor to your way of dressing.

10. Safari piece: A must see!

11. Vicky paintings: Your wardrobe is crying out for new pieces. One capable of accompanying mini skirts, shorts or jeans is a Vicky plaid blazer. It is formal, but at the same time chic.

12. The basket: These months it will become the new black bag. Its natural textures make any look more boho or make a simple outfit look more elegant in seconds.

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