5 Swimsuits That Work For All Types Of Bodies (PHOTOS)

5 Swimsuits That Work For All Types Of Bodies (PHOTOS)
5 Swimsuits That Work For All Types Of Bodies (PHOTOS)
Video: 5 Swimsuits That Work For All Types Of Bodies (PHOTOS)
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The bikini is a garment that is not missing in any girl's closet. What's more, there are some that are so fanatical that they have up to five stored in one of their drawers and you have to understand them, it is a piece that makes you look sexy when you go to the beach or the pool.

Although the bikini was born in 1600 BC, it was in the 60s when it became popular. From then on it became a garment that is updated every summer season and that you love that it does because you want to look splendid. To help you, we tell you which swimsuit that best suits your body regardless of whether your breasts are large, small … if you have curves or not. Look at them and fall in love!

1. Ruffles: Are you a size 32 or 34 in a bra? If you have a small bust, don't worry because everything has a solution. Ruffled pieces conceal that characteristic of your body. The most flattering thing of all is that there are one or two pieces and to increase the volume you just have to look for those made with patterned fabrics. By magic and in a few seconds you will show off breasts that will attract everyone's attention. They are wonderful!

2. One piece: Lately we have seen them very on trend. So much so that celebrities like Thalía and Yuya have used them on their beach getaways this year.

Keep in mind that these swimsuits are useful for having fun at sea and feeling really comfortable. With one of them on, you feel like a fish in the water. What's more, if you are looking to further mark your slim waist, this design is perfect because it was created with the purpose of dividing the three parts of your body: breasts, waist and buttocks. And if you're looking to look slimmer, swimsuits that will meet that goal are dark colors.

3. Trikini: I love fashion, but what are those? Being aware of always being fashionable makes you identify with phrases like Coco Chanel's: "Fashion expires, but style never" or with Carolina Herrera: "Fashion has to be natural and fun". So if you have a good sense of humor, you probably have no problem wearing a trikini.

If you want to emphasize reducing the volume of your waist and hips, this type of bikini is for you. You do it because the stripes that are located in the middle of your abdomen give that sensation of thinness. In stores you find them made of fabric or even crocheted. They are beautiful!

4. Tankini: We love them! Rest assured that if you are a girl with little bust, it will favor you enormously. Opt for those patterns or light colors if you want to highlight that area of ​​your body to acquire volume. Colors like gray, white, blue and black reduce it.

5. High cut: I must confess that I am one of the plus size girls and this bikini is the one that I have felt most comfortable with, why? It turns out that it reduces the size of the waist by making it visually thinner, in addition to "hiding" some rolls.

As a pretty Latina, you are characterized by curves so pay tribute to them with a high cut bikini and halter top if you wear a bra size 36 and up. Plain or patterned ones are a great way to look classy and glamorous.

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