A Mexican Fashion Designer Tells Us How To Dress Elegantly

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A Mexican Fashion Designer Tells Us How To Dress Elegantly
A Mexican Fashion Designer Tells Us How To Dress Elegantly

Video: A Mexican Fashion Designer Tells Us How To Dress Elegantly

Video: A Mexican Fashion Designer Tells Us How To Dress Elegantly
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A Mexican captivates the Big Apple! This is Alexia María Esquer, who has just opened her Alexia Mari boutique on famous Madison Avenue.

Her haute couture style is inspired by the 50s and is distinguished by her iconic bows, which have worn celebrities from Hollywood and the world of fashion such as America Ferrera, Julianne Hough, Abigail Spencer, among others. In addition to standing out on the pages of magazines such as InStyle, New York Magazine, Vogue and Glamor.

Alexia María's designs - also found in La Jolla, California - are made from fabrics such as silk, duchess satin, and organza. The combination of these fabrics, details and beautiful silhouettes capture the femininity, true elegance and classic and modern essence of today's woman.

We took advantage of the fact that we had the opportunity to speak with her, who told us about her exclusive and contemporary designs, and also asked her to recommend us what type of dresses they will wear during the 2018 festivities so that you too can be fashionable. We always think of you!

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What does it mean for you to open your own store in the heart of New York, taking into account that it is a leading city in fashion and being the first Mexican haute couture designer to achieve this?

I am proud to be able to represent Mexico in New York. It is a dream come true. When I started my brand, I never imagined going to open a store on Madison Avenue. I feel very grateful and fortunate to have accomplished this great challenge.

We know you have a new collection. Tell us about it

For my Fall / Winter 2018-19 collection, I continue to be inspired by the 50s, with feminine silhouettes, structured details and versatile pieces that can be combined with skirts or dress bags.

With the New York store opening this fall, the collection was designed with the New York woman's style in mind. Highlights include evening wear for etiquette events and galas and short dresses for parties or a night in the city. New for this season: versatile midi length pieces, voluminous long sleeves, halter neck with ties and key pieces, such as a bow-shaped shawl and dress bags that can be combined with almost any dress or jumpsuit in the collection. Most of the pieces in this collection incorporate a bow detail, either at the neck, waist or back. The collection features a color palette with gem tones including silver, royal blue, emerald green, quartz pink, and classic colors: navy blue, light blue, white, wine, black, and red.

We want you to tell us why your designs are inspired by the 50s

I have always said that I would have loved to live in the 50s and now I feel that I am doing it through my designs. As a child, I like to watch movies by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, two fashion icons of the decade. Its feminine, romantic, classic and elegant essence is what captivated me and is what I try to reflect in my designs, giving it a modern touch so that today's woman feels identified without losing that essence of the 50s. Part of my inspiration too It comes from my family, especially my grandmothers, my mom and sisters, since I grew up with them and have been taking a little from each one, creating my own style.

What is the celebrity you dream of wearing and why?

My dream is to dress women that I admire. Two of them are Salma Hayek and Amal Clooney.

Salma Hayek, for being a very prepared and talented woman who represents Mexico with much pride and dignity in the world, and of course her style is unique and impeccable. Amal Clooney, for being such a successful woman in her professional career, and for her chic, classic and feminine style.

What are those clothes that never go out of style during this fall / winter 2018 season and should not be missing in our wardrobe?

A neutral colored coat, a patterned jacket, a little black dress, black ankle boots and a velvet accessory.

The end of the year festivities are getting closer, what are the trends in dresses that will be worn? Tell us about colors, textures, designs … everything

Midi dresses are very trendy this season, it is a very classic and chic look for any festive occasion. The bloomers are also on trend and give a more modern and fun touch to a dress. Sober colors like navy blue, wine, silver and emerald green are ideal for the holidays. Bows have always been a feature of my brand, but now more than ever they are on trend and are perfect for a festive look.

A haute couture dress, with what kind of accessories should it be combined? With the most striking or the most sober and why?

In my opinion, it all depends on the dress. If the dress is very striking, I recommend combining it with more sober accessories and vice versa. If the dress is very sober, I recommend combining it with striking accessories to try to create the perfect balance. But remember that there are no rules in fashion! It is personal taste and it is where each one gives their unique touch when wearing a dress.

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