7 Tips To Wear Boots Like A Fashion Expert (PHOTOS)

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7 Tips To Wear Boots Like A Fashion Expert (PHOTOS)
7 Tips To Wear Boots Like A Fashion Expert (PHOTOS)
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In your wardrobe you can not miss high boots, mid-calf and those that reach the ankle. To put them on and give the impression of an expert, you have to follow these fashion tips. A pair of boots makes you happier, and happy women are the prettiest!

1. Earth tones

Black or denim pants are a basic and to combine them correctly it is necessary that your boots have different nuances. The idea is that a pair of shoes is able to completely break and make you look fashionable.

Find the perfect color to match your boots. Considering that black and denim pants are basic pieces, you may want to try earthy tones such as gray or green to create interesting nuances that will even make your shoes look like a completely new pair.

2. With a dress Choosing one of these garments and combining it with boots is always a success because it transforms your look from top to bottom.

3. Dare to take the textured ones

Always try colors that are on trend; For example, olive green is a shade that has been positioned on the street for the last few years, but yellow, orange and even pale pink also come in strongly.

4. Wear a hat It is a complement to your way of dressing, but combining your boots with a hat is always a winning bet. You will look bohemian and adventurous.

5. With total black

Women like you love wearing a total black. To make a difference, simply choose brown high boots. You will give the impression that you are a rebellious girl, capable of rejecting black tennis shoes or sneakers. You want prominence!

6. Ideal blouse to cover you during the coldest months of the year.

7. With ripped jeans

You look beautiful! We are sure that if you dare to wear this outfit, many girls will want to copy your style. Become a sensation with your way of dressing!

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