5 Wedding Trends That Are In Fashion Throughout Fall (PHOTOS)

5 Wedding Trends That Are In Fashion Throughout Fall (PHOTOS)
5 Wedding Trends That Are In Fashion Throughout Fall (PHOTOS)
Video: 5 Wedding Trends That Are In Fashion Throughout Fall (PHOTOS)
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If you are lucky and get married this fall, you need to know the trends that are in fashion during this season of good weather in which the colors of nature, the cool wind and the pleasant rays of the sun or the light of the moon They play a transcendental role in your wedding. Do not miss them and apply them the day you walk dressed as a bride towards the altar or say "yes" in an old hacienda or in front of the sea!

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9 tips to choose your ideal wedding dress

1.Palette of colors in: Girls, the change of season gives them the opportunity to play with a range of options. Two of which do not fail during these months are the gray and blue tones, as they will combine perfectly with the yellow, red and orange colors that predominate in nature. Combining them with whites will make your wedding look elegant and bright.

But ocher, orange, yellow and brown tones are also accepted. With all of them it places details in shades of white, cream and green.

Reddish orange is one of the most fashionable. It will create a luxurious atmosphere when combined with gold or silver tones.

2. Lean on nature: After the dress, the decoration of your wedding is in second place among the priorities. It is a fact that it transmits your personality and that of your partner, so it is important for you to take care of every detail. In your meticulous planning you have to know that outdoor weddings stand out, or in tents or rooms surrounded by nature. Imagine the amount of ideas you can capture with the help of trees, branches, plants … Don't be afraid to bet on a more relaxed touch.

3. Bohemian or vintage style: First of all, it is necessary to make the division between one and the other. A bohemian deco projects a soft, informal and very natural atmosphere. It is distinguished by promoting ecology and love of the environment, using textures, layers, colors and accessories in a disorderly way, since the main thing is to highlight the presence of the newlyweds.

Among the main tips to use it are: Bet on wooden tables with simple flower arrangements, with lace tablecloths or fabrics. As it is recommended that it be outdoors, don't be afraid to put rugs and cushions on the lawn for guests to relax. This element is one of the must-haves of the bohemian wedding. Arrange them near a tree or under some shade.

Also place ribbons or fabrics on tree branches, choose wildflowers or garden flowers …

Vintage: One of our favorites! There are elements that define a successful vintage decoration for a bridal event: small flowers in antique glass vases or in wooden boxes, suitcases, photo frames, bird cages … And of course, the shades of mint blue and rose quartz.

4. Corners: And what is this? We are talking about incorporating food corners. During cold days, sweets and chocolate are excellent companies.

What's more, as the details make the difference at your wedding, a sturdy sweet table must attract the attention and palate of your guests.

5. And the dress? Play from the time, the place and even if it is civil or religious. Do not rule out the possibility of wearing one with your back outdoors.

V-neckline is also in fashion. Let your sensuality be one of the main guests!

If you refuse to wear a white suit, pale pink is for you.

Fall is one of the high wedding seasons. If this is your case, choosing a long-sleeved outfit will give you two direct benefits: The first, you will not get cold and the second, you will not give up elegance. Do you dare to cover your beautiful arms? For looking impeccable, everything!

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