We Talked To The Designer Of Kenia Ontiveros's Wedding Dress

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We Talked To The Designer Of Kenia Ontiveros's Wedding Dress
We Talked To The Designer Of Kenia Ontiveros's Wedding Dress

Video: We Talked To The Designer Of Kenia Ontiveros's Wedding Dress

Video: We Talked To The Designer Of Kenia Ontiveros's Wedding Dress
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Larry Hernández and Kenia Ontiveros said "yes I do" in a religious ceremony months ago, but it is now when the show they both star in, Larrymanía, has released the images of the link that was held secretly in California

The wedding was spectacular and not a single detail was missing. Regarding the bride and groom's outfits, Larry was faithful to his origins, dressed as a charro, while Kenya looked like a princess.

Siempre Mujer has had access to the designer of the Kenyan wedding dress and has shared with us all the details of the two models she wore. The person in charge of giving shape to these precious dresses has been Johana Hernández, creator of the GLAUDI firm.

SM: What inspired you to create this wedding dress?

JH: I was inspired by Kenya itself and that it is a young girlfriend. I love that it is sophisticated and classic, but modern at the same time. For her I designed two dresses, the first one was mermaid style with “2 to 1” beads on the long sleeve with a skirt that made her look like a princess. Her veil was also long and the entire hand had beads to complete the design.

The second dress, also in mermaid style, had long sleeves and crystal embroidery on the back. The embroidery was inspired by a baroque style, similar to the first one and which gave both looks a touch of “royalty”. This second dress enchanted Kenya because she was able to dance and greet her guests while also shining like a queen!

I also designed her two daughters' flower-inspired dresses, with shades of pink for a romantic touch.

SM: How was Kenya involved in the design?

JH: She was 100% involved and trusted the entire process. It was a pleasure working with her as she has her own style and appreciates the quality of my bespoke GLAUDI collection couture designs.

SM: How long did it take you to create this design?

JH: The process lasted around 6 months. All models were handmade, and the first wedding dress took many hours of beaded embroidery.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 10.30.34 AM
Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 10.30.34 AM

Photo: Cindy Green

SM: Can you give us some fun facts about creating this design?

JH: When Kenya was trying on her dress, her eldest daughter Daleyza was telling Kenya that she and the other guests should use the color white to dress at the wedding, but Kenya explained that at a wedding only the girlfriend wears that color. Still Daleyza wanted to wear white too, and Kenya and I finally convinced her to wear pink! And both Daleyza and Dalary looked very beautiful when they paraded as "flower girls" at the ceremony.

SM: Where can we see you or find your precious designs?

JH I'm super excited because I'm going to be at Paris Fashion Week on February 27, and also at Los Angeles Fashion Week on March 7. In Los Angeles I will be presenting the “GLAUDI wedding” collection, and celebrities such as Alejandra Espinoza will participate during the parades.

If you want to know more about this designer of Salvadoran origin who has dressed celebrities such as Alejandra Espinoza, Chiquis, Rivera, Marisela De Montecristo, Migbelis Catellanos or Kenia Ontiveros herself, you can follow her Instagram profile at @GLAUDIByJohanaHernandez and @GLAUDIBridal or visit her website www.glaudicollection.com.

To visit GLAUDI Bridal: 8808 Imperial Hwy Downey CA 90242