Tips To Know How To Look And Choose The Perfect Jewel

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Tips To Know How To Look And Choose The Perfect Jewel
Tips To Know How To Look And Choose The Perfect Jewel
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Jewelry is a weakness. What's more, in your closet you even have a specific place to store them, because they are as important to you as a pair of shoes. It is not for less, it is an accessory that symbolizes femininity and give any outfit a more sophisticated and elegant touch

The jeweler and gemologist (expert in gems and precious stones) José Dávalos, owner of the JD Joyeros, a brand that his grandfather created in Mexico in 1940 and who was even responsible for creating the line of Frida Kahlo jewelry, spoke with us a few years ago. a few days and gave us tips on how to detect if a jewel is of quality or not, and much more!

José, tell us, if I love earrings, which design is the most fashionable?

“For many months it has been very fashionable to wear several earrings on the same ear. The girls can do two or three more piercings than the traditional one to place earrings from the top of the ear. The recommendation is that you carry four or up to five styles with total freedom, but making sure that these are with a simple design to avoid that it looks very loaded”.

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It seems to us that yellow gold lost prominence, is that so or for this season is it back in that privileged place?

“Yellow gold has made a significant return across the industry. After having been missing for several years, today it is used with the same regularity as white gold, which had taken that privileged place.”

If I am going to buy a diamond jewel, what is the most used color?

“Although yellow and black were worn a lot before, diamonds or pearls in white are the most used in current collections. There are even many lines that make silver jewelry and include these types of finishes to give them that sophisticated touch, but at a lower price so that everyone can buy them."

When is it good to invest in a quality gem and how do I realize that it is quality or original?

“When you want to look for a heritage jewel, it is recommended that you purchase a piece with a diamond. This must have a certification from an international laboratory that certifies that what you are buying is of quality. Although there are gems such as emerald, ruby ​​and blue sapphire that can be considered within this category, they are more difficult to buy and measure their price because they are sold freely; that is to say, without this type of certifications”.

How do I recognize the value of a jewel so as not to overpay?

“The first thing you have to take into account is that the place where you go to buy has to have certain credentials that give you confidence; for example, a recommendation from a family member or friend, a recognized chain, etc. After that, make it a place where they give you an international certification of the originality of the piece. And finally, compare the price of that accessory in three different stores so that you realize the true cost it has.”

Finally, as with clothing, women want to have a huge variety of jewelry. What are those basic pieces that we should not miss because they combine with most of the clothes we have?

“The first universal accessory you have to have is a single diamond earrings. They go well both day and night, with hair down or up and regardless of the type of occasion. After that basic, the churumbela ring, which is a piece surrounded by diamonds that does not go out of style. If you want to get out of diamonds, a pearl necklace is an accessory that continues and will continue to be valid”.

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