8 Tips To Choose Your Wedding Dress And Shine That Day

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8 Tips To Choose Your Wedding Dress And Shine That Day
8 Tips To Choose Your Wedding Dress And Shine That Day

Video: 8 Tips To Choose Your Wedding Dress And Shine That Day

Video: 8 Tips To Choose Your Wedding Dress And Shine That Day

You are starting the preparations for your wedding and among all the stress of planning you must make sure to choose the dress of your dreams, an easy task. To help you cope with this mission, here are 8 tips you should keep in mind when looking for your dress. The best? We learned them directly from designer Vera Wang, an expert in brides, style and weddings

Wedding type

Getting married on the beach is not the same as getting married in the center of a city. Do not leave out this factor like the weather that day. Remember that intense cold or heat can be the difference between feeling comfortable or not, depending on the design and material of your dress.

Where and what time will your wedding be?

Vera Wang mentioned this as one of the most important points to consider when choosing your dress. Will your wedding be long or short? Simple or very ostentatious? Day or night? These details should be taken into account so that you do not feel that your dress is out of place with the rest of the celebration.

Be true to your style

Princess-style dresses look divine, we know that. But in reality not all of us like to look like out of a Disney movie or wear very striking models. We recommend staying true to what you like and your style: marked neckline, straps, and even short dresses … Choose what you like! Keep in mind that a wedding dress is not the most comfortable garment, but if you fall in love, you will surely be happy to wear it for hours.


In the words of Vera Wang: "weddings have become very creative", this includes the type of dress and the color that the brides are daring to try. In her experience, she has had to dress brides in gray and black colors, something almost unimaginable.

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We speak with the designer of Kenia Ontiveros's wedding dress


This point is linked to the previous one and so that the color of your dress stands out even more, you must keep in mind the color of the flowers you will use, the centerpieces and even the type of cake. A perfect synchrony with every detail of your wedding.

Ask your male friends for an opinion

Try to take your male friends to the fitting of the dress, because they will give you the most sincere and real opinion of how you look. Being your friends they will want the best for you and they will know your tastes, so it is almost certain that wearing them will be like taking a style expert, in addition to having unforgettable moments.

Define a budget

The dress of your dreams does not have to leave you bankrupt. The wedding dress is the most expensive garment that many women will have in our lives and, although following a budget may be the most obvious, the emotion can blind us a little and make us spend more than necessary. For this reason we recommend you consider your finances a lot so that you do not fall into debts that can last for years.

Visit the place of your reception

Visiting the place where your wedding will take place will help you a lot to know what you can wear in your dress and what not, as well as the type of footwear you will need to be comfortable.

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