6 Basic Rules To Be A Fashion Expert

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6 Basic Rules To Be A Fashion Expert
6 Basic Rules To Be A Fashion Expert
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Fashion: a world little understood by some, adored by others and so immersed in our lives that no one escapes it. A current that goes beyond brands and trends, becoming an extension of your personality, your tastes and your character.

If you have always been attracted to the enigmatic world of fashion and want to learn more to improve your style, follow these basic steps that will help you get started on a path marked by style and good dress.

Read magazines

Publications like Vogue, Elle and Harper's BAZAAR are icons in the fashion world. In addition to lifestyle items, you will find advertisements for clothing, footwear and accessories whose photography and production itself are an artistic creation. At first you may not understand the concepts used, but seeing these photos will open your mind and allow you to reconsider your style concepts.

Follow Instagram accounts

Beyond the typical 'influencers' who seem to have the perfect life, you can find Instagram accounts that give you inspiration with their clothes, makeup and way of seeing life. Find accounts that are related to your tastes and not those that seem impossible to achieve. Do you like high fashion? More bohemian styles? Or maybe the sports world? Define well what you would like to see in your feed so that every time you see one of their publications you feel inspired and not overwhelmed.

Define your look

Yes, we all love what those short dresses with heels and eye-catching bag look like, but not all of us feel comfortable wearing them. Therefore, you must keep in mind what is your favorite style. Are you very sophisticated? More rocker? Maybe a classic and sober style? Take into account what you like and what you feel comfortable with so that every time you try a new look you feel spectacular.

Check your wardrobe

If you want to improve your style, you don't have to throw away your entire closet and spend all your savings on new clothes. Better take a look at what you already have and you will find that you find pieces that you can combine perfectly. Put all your clothes on the floor or on your bed and see what combines with what. Preferably take a photo or make a list of the new combinations, you will surely find many new styles with the clothes you already have.

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Get inspired by looks

This point is linked to point 2 because seeing your favorite instagrammers will surely lead you to want to try some of their styles. Pay special attention to how they combine colors, patterns and accessories so you can choose the ones that best suit your style and your wardrobe.

Classic garments

White V-neck shirts with black lines, denim blouses, jeans, a black leather jacket and the classic little black dress are some of the essential pieces that should not be missing in your wardrobe. With this type of garment you will have a timeless basic wardrobe that will serve you many times. You can give it a more striking or colorful turn with colorful accessories and fashionable footwear.

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