5 Tricks To Keep Your Chubby From Slipping Out Of Your Bra

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5 Tricks To Keep Your Chubby From Slipping Out Of Your Bra
5 Tricks To Keep Your Chubby From Slipping Out Of Your Bra

Video: 5 Tricks To Keep Your Chubby From Slipping Out Of Your Bra

Video: 5 Tricks To Keep Your Chubby From Slipping Out Of Your Bra
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We are entering the best time to renew some of the clothes in our closet. But you have to know how to buy and what style of garment fits us best and fits our body. Putting on the right bra will not only help you enhance your cleavage, make your clothes look better, but it will also prevent those hated chubby ones from slipping out.

It is important to know yourself well when choosing a bra. There are as many types as tastes and busts. The question is to choose the one that best suits our body and our needs, while still feeling comfortable and sexy, and believe me those chubby ones that the bra takes off are not sexy.

Keep in mind that this is not a matter of weight or accumulated fat, but of mistakes you are making when using this garment.

Here we teach you 5 basic tricks so that the chubby ones do not fall out:

1. The Right Bra

First of all, you should choose a bra that fits you perfectly. Make sure her cup and back are right for your body. If you have doubts about your size, you can ask for assistance in the store. The first thing is to select the correct size. It usually consists of a number and a letter, for example 34B. In this case, 34 corresponds to the measurement in centimeters of the back contour, while B is the cup size.

2. Not too loose, not too tight

When a bra squeezes you, the chubby backs appear. If you are still not sure of the model for you, you can go with a sales assistant to help you measure yourself. Some stores have this service.

It is bad to buy a bra that is too small with the aim of reducing the size or pressing the breasts so that they look more lifted, since the chubby ones come out and the results will be circulation problems, discomfort and skin marks. A larger size will prevent the bra from giving adequate support and will give the feeling that the bust is dropped.

3. Full cups

If you notice that the side part is bulging, between your breast and your armpit, it may be the bra cups that are the problem. Look for one with full cups to avoid it. If possible, try to also have a high waist in the area.

4. Choose V-backs

The last trick to keep your chubby from slipping out of your bra is to wear t-shirts or dresses with V-backs. This cut lengthens your back, so it helps you stylize it.

5. Take into account your build and the size of your breasts

What to do if we have a large bust or a thick build? We recommend wearing a bra that provides good support. Note that the bra is wide, especially under the armpits, this allows the breasts to be joined and raised. Even lifting them can make your waist stand out more and your body will look better. As for the straps, better thick so that they distribute the weight in more area.

Now, in case you have a wide back but little bust then you should look for a cup that fits you well and place an extender on the circumference of the bra. That way we will not walk with our backs very tight, nor with a cup that we will be swimming.

People with little bust also have designs designed for them. The famous push up is a great invention whose science is on a pad on the lower bust, revealing a sensual natural neckline. Some of these pads are integrated into the bra and others are sold separately for you to fit inside the bra.

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