Earn Discounts At These Stores By Donating Your Used Clothing

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Earn Discounts At These Stores By Donating Your Used Clothing
Earn Discounts At These Stores By Donating Your Used Clothing

Video: Earn Discounts At These Stores By Donating Your Used Clothing

Video: Earn Discounts At These Stores By Donating Your Used Clothing
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There is a fashion sin that many of us commit even though it hurts to accept it: buying clothes that we will never wear. And after months or years, all we can do is have a huge mountain of clothes that we have never worn or only wore once. And then what do we do with all those clothes ?

Beyond spending your time and effort on applications like Poshmark trying to sell what you no longer use, we want to present you with an alternative that you will surely love: Donate your clothes in exchange for discounts!

There are many clothing stores that have used clothing, accessories and footwear collection programs; in return, you can get discount coupons for future purchases. Thus, you can renew your wardrobe and help people in need.

Do you want to know which brands give you discounts for your used clothes? Here we present them to you!


Perhaps the most environmentally friendly clothing brand to date. For H&M it is important to reach a sustainable fashion consumption, and for this reason, we have the Garment Collecting program. This is a global program to receive all the clothes you no longer wear; even those old socks or that pair of jeans that no longer fit you. No matter the brand or condition of the garments! For each bag of clothes you carry you will receive a coupon with a 15 percent discount for your future purchases.

The clothing you donate to H&M is carefully categorized to see if it can serve as second-hand clothing, reused to create new garments, or remove its textile fabrics to make insulation material for cars.

The North Face

This brand dedicated to sports clothing and equipment also has a program focused on helping people called Clothes The Loop. With this program you can donate your clothes and shoes (of any brand and in any condition) in your favorite store / outlet of The North Face. In exchange you will receive a discount of $ 10 on any future purchase that you make greater than $ 100.

Items you donate at The North Face will be sent to the Souls4Souls organization whose mission is to help create jobs and improve quality of life through the distribution of clothing and footwear.


This well-known brand of jeans has partnered with the Blue Jeans Go Green program which aims to convert all of your denim clothing into insulating material for buildings that is subsequently donated to low-income organizations and communities. With this program, jeans, jackets, vests, shorts and any other denim garment are collected throughout the country to become UltraTouch Denim Insulation, which is free of chemicals and harmful agents.

When you go to any Levi's store to donate your denim, you will receive a 20 percent discount coupon for the purchase of any item of the same brand.

Other brands associated with this same program are Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, JCPenney, Madewell and Wrangler.

Eileen Fisher

This clothing brand is not only characterized by its timeless and minimalist designs, but also by its Waste No More program, with which they have bought back more than a million of their own pieces since 2009. We explain:

Eileen Fisher bought clothes that she had formerly manufactured to give them a second life and thus end excessive consumption. If the garments are in very good condition, they are resold under their Renew program; otherwise, they are used to create pillows, art pieces, and more.

Eileen Fisher only accepts clothes from her own brand, so if you have something that you no longer use from Eileen Fisher you can take it to any of her stores. In exchange you will receive a credit of $ 5 for each piece you carry.


Since its inception, this brand has been committed to creating pieces that are durable and that mission is still in force. That is why in 2017 they launched wornwear.com where you can find second-hand Patagonia pieces at very affordable prices.

If you have a Patagonia piece that you no longer use, you can donate it to the Worn Wear program; in return you will receive a credit that ranges from 10 to 100 dollars depending on the item you have donated.