How To Find The Perfect Jeans For Each Body Type?

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How To Find The Perfect Jeans For Each Body Type?
How To Find The Perfect Jeans For Each Body Type?

Video: How To Find The Perfect Jeans For Each Body Type?

Video: How To Find The Perfect Jeans For Each Body Type?

Among the dozens of styles of jeans that we can find in the market there will always be certain cuts or designs that favor us more than others. And so, as each body is unique, our tastes and style of dress are different. However, we cannot deny the fact that sometimes we prefer to highlight some attributes more than others.

And although jeans are the quintessential garment in all wardrobes, sometimes it can be difficult to find that pair that fits us perfectly and, sometimes, it's almost an impossible mission. Therefore, when we finally find them, we put them on … and again … and again.

And then, what is the key to finding those jeans that look spectacular and are super comfortable?

"Beyond the size of some jeans, it is better to focus on the body shape so that the clothes adapt to you and not you to the clothes," explains Beatrice Purdy, president of Measure & Made, a new line of clothing whose mission is to provide a perfect fit to the curves of each woman.

However, we must not forget the personal tastes of each woman, and for this, there are certain points to keep in mind:

Don't squeeze

One of the points Beatrice emphasizes is recognizing how tight you feel. "When you wear jeans, you don't want to feel uncomfortable or to be squeezed around the waist," he says. Therefore, it is good that when trying on a new pair, you walk a little, sit down and stretch; Thus, you will be able to see its reach and comfort when moving your body.

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Look for classic styles

Yes, having fashionable jeans is a hoot. However, you should consider that maybe you can only wear them for a season and the jeans are made to last a lifetime … well, almost. Opt for those styles that you can combine regardless of the weather or the season and you will see how your wardrobe becomes more practical. "Also, you should always have a good pair of skinny jeans in your closet since you can wear them on any occasion," says Purdy.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something fashionable, Beatrice points out that in recent seasons the most popular styles of jeans are the high waist, or those of flared cut. Also, the style that has returned with great force is the bootcut, those jeans that cover the entirety of your foot without dragging.

Basic tips

Speaking of different body types, there are several factors to consider when buying a new pair of jeans:

If you are looking for more volume in your butt: choose those styles with large rear pockets or striking designs and embroidery that help shape your derrière.

  • If you are short: look for cropped styles in dark tones with light wash, that will give the illusion of greater length.
  • Big Butt: Although voluptuous butts look divine in jeans, you don't want to show more than you should. Therefore, we recommend you choose those with a high waist or boyfriend style.
  • Bulky belly: If your area of concern is the abdomen, you can opt for high waist styles and stretch fabric that will help you keep everything in place.
  • Wide Hips: If you have wide hips, stay away from very low cut jeans.

One of the most important things when buying jeans is to feel comfortable regardless of style; To do this, you can turn to brands like Measure & Made whose Fitlogic® technology focuses on shape and not just size. Thus, each woman has a personalized style in the style of her preference. "Remember that your clothes should suit you, and not you your clothes," concludes Beatrice Purdy.

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